Rain and Laughter

The rain descended on the Earth just as I entered the transportation service going to Makati. It was heavy downpour  visibility across the streetscape was quite poort. And people were  busy crossing the roads toward their destinations shield by this season’s ubiquitous object, the umbrella or broghlie. Then I received a text message from my fellow employee and the text was:


Hmm. The message/excuse was a novel way of saying I am filing for a sick leave. Totally unexpected the usual message is sick cannot come to work today or NFW, Not Feeling Well. Still the message was able to illicit a chuckle or so in this rainy Wednesday.

And humour or humor is good. It is therapeutic, is a coping mechanism, and its a way to criticize the elite, powerful, intellectuals, innocent, and the pompous.

And yes as my fellow-worker said it is a way to avert illness or depression.

For those sick with politics my recommendation would to watch the series Yes Minister and Yes Prime Minister.

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  1. Jul13


    Said this at 8:24am:

    I’d rather have rain than ice

  2. Jul13


    Said this at 1:08pm:



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