Gen Lim and the Video: Reactions & Counter-Reactions

Serendipitious or by devious design the video recording of Gen Lim and so-far un-named friends have surfaced. Reading several items in the newspapers today shows that this has resulted in different reactions - dependent on one’s political belief. At a certain point one can find it amusing.

Administration’s position: Oh see. I told you so. They were planning a coup. This proves that we were justified in proclaiming the state of emergeny. (In Tagalog, “Kita mo na! Sabi ko na sa inyo!). The Opposition and the destablizers should read the writing on the walls

Pro Charter Change People: Its time to change the constitution.

Anti Charter Change People:
It is time not to change the constitution.

The Opposition’s position:
Oh see … Lim called GMA a bogus president. Lim’s action is symbolic of the deep problems brought about by this corrupt and bogus President. And I do not know why they placed my name there. Although I have been aware of the growing discontent. Malacanang should read the writings on the wall.

Lim’s Co-Conspirators Set 1 (Those who have come out in the open and decided to wrap themselves around the Flag): What we did was not wrong it was legal and furthermore it was for the good of the country!

And In the process bring down the rest of the conspirators along with you. At least Guy Fawkes was tortured before he revealed who his co-conspirators were.

Lim’s Co-Conspirators Set 2
(Those who remained in the shadows): No comment. And then silence.

One thing is clear though the “withdrawal of support”, the Filipino euphemism for a coup or putsch, has failed. It has become a sour putsch. This is the single most important reason, even if one wraps it around a flag or garnish with causes, why this act can never be justified. You have to be victor to your means justied.

And do not leave evidence.

To make it worse they left their intent on video tape. Not candidly taken but with intent to broadcast. Still it may suffer the same fate as Garci’s tape in terms of its reliability in a legal case. One would expect such evidence to draw more straight forward conclusions instead of this chorus of discordant, tragic, and comic voices. Still its not a total loss at a certain level one can find it funny: tragically comedic.

Like this … received via email. Filipino pugilist Manny Pacquiao is already seen nearly everywhere and it should only be a matter of time when his features will appear on a Filipino Peso.

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