Worth Listening to: Pinoy Pod - Arroyo and the “Hello Garci” Scandal one year later

There are times when one has take a step back and take stock of what has happened. And there are times when listening to more than one voice might be helpful and insightful. Like many Pinoy Podcasters I have been listener to Ben Pimentel’s podcast Kuwento Kuwento. Several months ago he succesfully migrated his podcast from personal to corporate, now a part of the San Francisco Chronicle’s podcast. Anyway here is his latest podcast. It is conversation about GMA and Garci Scandal a year later. His guests includePhilippine News Editor Lito Gutierrez and and community leader Rodel Rodis. The podcast also features an interview with Lupita Aquino Kashiwara (Ninoy Aquino’s sister). Suprisingly insightful.

It always amazes me what one can learn when one stops talking and listen.

The link will take you to Pinoy Pod’s site at the San Franciso Chronicle’s website. You can download or listen to the podcast from there.

Pinoy Pod: Arroyo and the “Hello Garci” Scandal one year later

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