The Fourth of July: America and the Philippines

There was a time when the Fourth of July was celebrated as Independence day in the Philippines, to be exact from 1946 till 1961. One July 4, 1946 the United States granted the Philippine Commonwealth Independence. However, it was  an independence that was pinned down with several treaties and agreements with the United States - one was the presence of US Military bases and the other was The Bell Trade Act also known as the Philippine Trade Act of 1946. 1961 then President Macapagal (the father of the present President) transferred the Independence Day celebration from July 4 to June 12 ,The day the government of Emilio Aguinaldo declared from Spain in 1898. July became known as Filipino-American Friendship day. And what a friendship it has been. For good or for worse the Philippines and the United States are involved in an ever continuing love and hate relationship.

Happy Fourth of July!

Meanwhile …

Good News
NPA willing to sign a peace deal
Bad news
The deal is with Sen Jamby Madrigal
It gets worse
It will only be implementable once Madrigal, Sison, and company throws Arroyo from office

It is as useful as cupping a corpse.

Good News/Bad News
Lim implicates Lim
Video surfaces featuring Gen Lim’s untimely “withdrawal’ from the Arroyo Government
As Blackthorne pointed out to Lord Toranaga in James Clavell’s Shogun, “It is only treason if you fail.”

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  1. Jul10


    Said this at 5:06pm:

    At least the USA is now treating the Philippines as just one other country it has diplomatic relations. By posting a woman ambassador, the US is bringing the US-Philippine relationship to a new level


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