Who needs enemies when …

Apparently President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo (GMA) and her opponents have something in common they have spouses, friends, allies, and relatives they need like they need a hole in their head.

Take the case of President Arroyo, her relatives, and the saints.

Reacting to news that two of their distant ancestors could be beatified as saints (yes, plural) Presidential Brother-In Law and Congressman revealed that they are distant relatives of St Teresa de Avila of Spain and said “We already have a saint … Mababait kami (We are Good).”

Read the following article:

Arroyo kin pushed for sainthood, Malaya

Buti na lang hindi tinamaan ng kidlat.

There is more of the Arroyo Brothers and their Saintly Relatives. Read the following article:

GMA to use ‘prayer power’ against new impeachment case, Philippine Star

I almost uttered a couple of Saint Names myself when I read these articles.  According to Jove Francisco the President seems to be irked by the questions generated by the news of the Arroyo Brothers and their Saintly Relatives.

A co-reporter was bent on asking her about the saintly relatives of the Arroyos … When I saw that she’s quite irked or naiirita about the topic, I wanted to grab the opportunity to ask her something, bago man lang siya mag walk out sa inis.

Perhaps, GMA should consider sending the Arroyo Brothers on a Pilgrimage complete with hair shirts.

As for the Opposition …

Day One after the filing of the second impeachment case we find Teofisto Guingona filing another impeachment case., which will be endorsed by his son the Congressman. Hindi na lang sinabay at kailangan pang mag-file on his own. Expect a lot of opposition politicos to try to score points on this - grandstanding before the media and giving self-serving rhetoric.

A case of political foot in the mouth disease.

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