Lunch for Father’s day and a mass

Father’s Day

I had a quick dinner with a friend of mine over the weekend. We had a normal discussion … well as normal as can be given the circumstances. Given that the individual I was conversing had a history with someone in my family. And history here pertains to the unrequited kind. The topic of our discussion drifted towards what was at the time the forthcoming 2006 Father’s day celebration and I remarked about buying some thing for my Dad. This sort of surprised my friend and prompted him to remark that I was mellowing down in my advance years.

Perhaps and perhaps not.

A few years ago I viewed such days as holidays concocted up or perhaps taken advantage of by malls and other commercial establishments in the name of profit. It would not be surprising if it is still the case, the end to a set of means. Yet, today I am not quite antagonistic to such celebrations. Why? Such days gives one an opportunity to say thank you to one’s parents.

Granted there are other ways and means of expressing one’s love and thanks to one’s parent on a daily basis. And such opportunities should not be missed nor ignored. Still Father’s and mother’s day is a moment one cannot pass up.

Actually we had two celebrations of Father’s day - last sunday and yesterday’s sunday. We made the mistake of celebrating it two weeks ago. A wonderful mistake composed of a lunch with crispy noodles with mushroom and chicken, salt and pepper squid, yang chow rice, and roast duck. We had lunch at the house. Ah, but a good spread is not lost even if it was held on the wrong day. Yesterday, we had Father’s Day lunch II and this time around we had the cholesterol special - lechon, barbecue, salad, and of course rice. The salad, which consisted mainly of romaine lettuce, saved us from a deluge of cholesterol.

Today, As much as possible we (the family) try to not to eat at restaurants. We celebrate at home. Although the mall was packed with people when my nephews and I went to watch a movie after lunch.


Before lunch we attended mass at a mall. The priest’s sermon for that day was about observing proper decorum during mass - coming on time, not eating one hour before the mass, wearing appropriate clothes during the mass, and of course celebrating father’s day. He did have valid points one of being always prompt for the mass. It is irritating when one person or group or persons comes in late during a mass and still choose to seat near or nearby the alter. It is plain rude. Eating one hour before a mass is a strict no no and there are only specific conditions that can allow one to eat one hour before the mass. I would not put much importance on what one chooses to wear. Fashion, economy, environment and beliefs are factors that will determine what one wears. What is the difference between a loin-clad Christian and one wearing a two piece suit? It is what inside that counts.

I can understand the priest’s worry. And perhaps more effort should be given to educating us laity about the ceremonies and their meanings. For example praying the rosary, is not limited to sending prayers alone but it seems to be a form of contemplative prayer, a centering prayer e meditation. Similar case with the station of the cross - the aim is not only to pray but to contemplate on the suffering endured by Jesus Christ on the cross.

Traditions and ceremonies play a vital role in religion. First, they re-etablish our covenant with our God. Second and often time ignored, these practices reminds us of what type of actions ar needed to fulfill this compact; This are the meanings behind the ceremonies.

This reminds of a Buddhist story I read a year ago. Buddha was observing a man doing the ritual to avert evil, it involved holding both hands and turning to the four major corners of the world (North, South, East, and West) and then to to sky above and the ground below. After completing the ritual the man noticed Buddha approaching and he warned Buddha not to chastise him for following the ritual. Buddha smiled, approached, and said that he respected the ritual but would just like to explain its significance. The ritual against evil, Buddha explained, is a reminder as to what you should do to protect them. Buddha said, “To guard your family by rituals is not enough, it must be guarded with good deeds. With good deeds you must turn to your parents in the East, to your Teacher in the South, to your wife and children in the West, and your friends in the North. Above you worship the spirit and below you honor all that serve you.”

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  1. Jun21


    Said this at 1:17pm:

    There is nothing wrong in mellowing down! :) The bloke you refers to wants closure.

    “Take kindly the counsel of the years,
    gracefully surrendering the things of youth.”

    Max Ehrmann’s “Desiderata”

  2. Jun21


    Said this at 3:17pm:

    Unfortunately, the person - a friend - is immune to acts or signs of closures, much to the sorrow of one of my siblings. :)


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