Galaxy Tab or the Ipad ?

Let the commercials do the talking

A friend asked me whether to get an Ipad or a Galaxy Tab. A few weeks ago I learned our company is going to give ua an ipad or tablet subsidy. Again the question came Ipad or Galaxy Tab. It seems the whole world , well at least part of it that can afford it or can buy it on credtm is divided betwen Ipadittes and the Tabers. So what is it going to be? After reading a gazillion number of tech blogs and other blogs that unveiled the products have you chosen and or bought one.

Considering that a number of us will probably saving or paying for it in the nexr few months. We should think about. As the last Grail Knight told Indiana Jones in the Indiana Jone and the Last Crusade said, “But choose wisely”.

Of course the Ipad or the Galaxy Tab aint the Grail, “But choose wisely.”

One thing that may help is to look at their commercials.

The Ipad Commercial (s)

The Galaxy Tab Commercial

The Parody (ies)

Have you made your choice? Do you need it ?

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