The Blog of the Batasan 5 este 6

I first learned about this blog from Erwin Olivas’ article and post on his blog Cyberbaguioboy.

Batasan 6

It is the blog of the six party list representatives battling sedition (?) or coup (?) allegations levelled at them by the Government of the Philippines.

It is an interesting blog and the writing is excellent especially that of Ka Satur Ocampo. The blog , if one is not among the converted to their cause , must be read with an open mind or a least one must approach the writings objectively. I must say that the writings of Ka Satur is more effective than his soundbytes and media bytes. But then again writing introduces a depth often lacking in broadcasts.

The Blog is called Batasan 6. Representative Crispin Beltran the sixth member was jailed in Camp Crame and yesterday was transferred to Heart Center, a bit closer to the Batasan.

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  1. Apr26


    Said this at 8:10am:

    It is good that find this article useful. Keep blogging.

  2. Apr29


    Said this at 8:48am:

    WOW! A lot of things changed here since my last visit!
    Cool new design. Nice tidbits about Manila! Well done !

  3. Apr29


    Said this at 7:11pm:

    Thank you for the article.

    Hi & Thanks :)


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