A Day Like Yesterday

As Lawrence Welk said,” there are good days and there are bad days, and this is one of them”. Mr Welk was correct. perhaps it was best to have kept sleeping and sleeping. It was one of those days.

As I left the office. What would normally take a few minutes took several and then several more minutes. Luckily there was no clock in the lobby but instead there was the sound of the elevators going down and up … which can be also unnerving … specially if you have an appointment.

I said to myself: just remember -

The cure for bad times is patience. — Arabian Proverb

The elevators have been painfully slow and unpredictable the past few weeks … no past few months. In some instances hell bent on trapping its passengers and even nearly sandwiching some between its steel jaws – like Dionaea muscipula the Venus Fly Trap.

No casualties so for only time… time … time.

After what seemed like four score and seventy seven years the elevator did arrive and opened its jaws to real a number of people who had also been subjected to the long wait. And then the elevator made a stop at each floor .. over twenty levels before reaching the ground floor. Safe.

There is a good side to every situation. — David. J. Schwartz

And then there was the traffic one had to go to reach the appointment. Push On!

If you are going through hell, keep going.” — Winston Churchill

Upon reacting the appointment .. the event one was surprised by the banners. Not that there should none but rather by what was said in the banner: It was the wrong company. It was the rival company!

Had I gone to the wrong event?

Had there been a changed of venue?

Was it canceled?

Was I lost?

A few text message and a call later. I found out. Right time, Right place but wrong date. It was as if the sark clouds gathered as the shock of what happened … well happened. Since the event was at a mall – imagine small dark clouds. And from the cloud came the voice and it said:

D’oh! – Homer (Simpson)

The Fool that was me felt truly foolish for a few moments. And then had a laugh at myself.

In the end it was not so much of a bad day. I had an adventure ( as mundane as it is) and had a hearty laugh. Not bad … stupid … but not bad.


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