IBLOG2 and the Ordering of the (my) blogs


IBlog 2 : The Son of Iblog will be coming soon. It is the annual convention or summit of bloggers based in the Philippines. It will be held at the University of the Philippines on the 18th of April 2006. Check their link and register … if you want to of course.

From here I will segue to -

The Ordering of the (my) Blogs

Finally finished the reorganising my on-line projects, my euphemism for my blogs - I always have a problem with saying my blogs perhaps I should say blogs I write for, but that would be illusory as well.

After the initial months writing for the Harvard Street Cubao blog I found myself setting up one blog after another - one for books, one for films, one for aquariums and on and one. Maybe I just did not know better.

Started out with blogger and as user-friendly as it is it does not have provisions for categories. Anyway, within a short time I found myself maintaining around five blogs, two group blogs, a photoblog, and an audioblog (for my podcasts). To say that I was becoming addicted to blogging was and is probably an understatement.

This continued for some time until I decided during the early part of 2006 to do a massive reorganization of blogoslovakia. It took some time but I just finished completing the ordering of the blogs and the anchluss The process was long and informative I learned a lot about blogs, multiple blogs, blogospheres, forums, egroups, wikis, blikis, blokis, and much more. It was a rewarding and illuminating experience.

Here are the results:

  1. I have retained my photoblog on blogspot - pinoy snapshots.
  2. Likewise, I retained Radio Free Harvard Cubao for the podcasts at blogspot.
  3. Several blogs have merged (one might call an anchluss between the different blogs) and formed Baratillo books cinema @ cubao built on wordpress platform.
  4. Now just completed the transformation of the Aquarium Keeper to built on b2evolution platform, which allows categorizing and multiple blogging. For a while, I was testing if a bliki would be better, but finally decided to have an aquarium and pond keeping blog.

You can buy the domain and set-it up on a host of your choice or you can experiment with those free blogs with really nice platforms check the following links.



or try


If your would like to try out a free wiki.

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  1. Apr2

    Janette Toral

    Said this at 9:04am:

    Hi Ernesto. Thank you for plugging iBlog2 and for joining us as a moderator. See you on April 18!

  2. Apr4


    Said this at 10:07am:

    Thanks. See you on April 18.

  3. Apr17

    Filipino Librarian

    Said this at 10:25pm:

    Librarians at iblog2…

    How do you change the way people look at our profession?…

  4. Apr20


    Said this at 7:45pm:

    Adopting and yet be critical of new technology would help. Being patron friendly and innovative in dealing with queries will also help. A smile will always go a long way.


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