The Chicken Blogger Bow

It is said that the St Peter betrayed Jesus Christ before the Cock crowed thrice. And Anding Roces short story, My Brother’s Peculiar Chicken . And chicken is probably one of the best source of food – the egg and the chicken (Hen, Rooster and Capon) in the whole world. It made Colonel Sanders famous. Never did I imagine myself being part of a story dealing with chicken.

Initially , which means a few minutes, I was a bit irritated with the news I got but afterward it brought about a chuckle and a laugh What a funny world. But I am getting ahead of myself.

Tale of the Chicken Blogger

Once upon a time there was an event where bloggers went. Like most events at the end of it there were freebies given away. At the end of the event the attending bloggers were given freebies – cooked poultry and a gift check. Now it just so happened that a blogger asked for more freebies – naming that said blogger was the representative of three other bloggers. Unfortunately, the bloggers she mentioned did not even knew that said chicken blogger was representing them.

Ah the temptation of food and freebie. The allure of Chicken.

Now there are bloggers that have used the Chicken as their name – there is the Chicken Mafia. And then there are bloggers who probably have dined and tasted different chicken dishes – like Arpee Lazaro. And then there are travel bloggers who have travelled to different places and have heard the Rooster crow just before dawn over a hundred times – like Byahilo.

This particular blogger whose tastes go for chicken well I will probably remember for telling a fib. “For want of more free chicken a fib the blogger told.”

And this made me laugh. One could hear the collecting sound of chicks cackling at the Chicken Blogger.

One of the bloggers who was misrepresented was supposed to be me. Oh well such things happen. And it is a source of laughter more than annoyance now. The identity of the chicken blogger is not really important. But the story or more exactly the rumor is. In that it provides a funny tale from the local blogosphere. What would be next bringing people- friends, family members and help – in to get extra freebies? It Is a funny world indeed.

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