Shooting Buddha

When you meet Buddha on the road shoot for he is not Buddha

When I first heard this phrase I was floored: It was similar to brain freeze one got after sipping a real ice cold drink or a slurpee. You paused for some moment. One got the same thing with soda chilled near the freezing point. I guess that is what you might describe as en epiphany a realization caused by in this case a phrase.

So shoot Social Media. Not social media that is used by relative and friends. No the social media use to broadcast. But the notion that social media is the end and be all of things – a tool that can be effectively used. Not all the time. And in some cases it can be quiet disastrous.

As discussed in these two articles.

Evgeny Morozov‘s post about the Iran Elections and his views on other campaigns in social challenge the efficacy and effectivity of social media campaigns.

And Malcolm Gladwell’s comparison of protestors before and digital protestors is interesting in that it shows how effective and ineffectivw it can be.

Here is Malcolm Gladwell’s article: Small Change: Why the revolution will not be tweeted

Morozov shows how limiting and even fatal over optimisim on social media can be when trying to organize a campaign. Gladwell sees social media lacking in terms of commitment and organization that will make social change possible.

The number of likes, followers and readers can be a nice thing to see but in doing change and doing things. Three things are important:

  • Leaders and Leadership
  • Organization and Organizational Skills
  • People and Commitment of the People
  • And these things do not happen overnight but are cultivated and nurtured.

    The Proper Human Element is what seems to be missing.

    As good as social media is it does not easily provide the means and security needed for such activities. Such endeavors needs the human touch and this means going outside the Matrix: Social Media Sites.

    An advantage going off-line is that it lets you be aware of the actual reach of social media.

    Social media is a means and as a means it can only take you so so far. And the rest is human interaction and relationship.

    To me without human interaction both on-line and off-line revolutions and campaigns will be limited within the boundary of the on-line echo chamber inside the Internet.

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