Part of the trompe l’oeil found at the San Agustin Church

Just above the choir loft is the trompe l’oeil, a dove (symbol of the Holy Spirit). The oldest Church in Manila and one of the few buildings that survived the Liberation of Manila during World War II. The church is actually the third one built on this site. The trompe was done by a pair of European artists hired by the Agustinian order. Trompe l’oeil ( A French phrase that means to trick the eye, tromper - to deceive and l’œil - the eye) is an art technique that uses realistic imagery to create an optical illusion, making the painting look three-dimensional or real.

This part of the mural is located directly above the choir loft. Seeing these old churches reminds me of a book about churches. A church more than being a house of worship was like a book to be read and studied. Each structure had a meaning and a message. More than being just a building the church was big book that could be used to learn one’s religion.

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