Two small books

From the floor of the previously owned books at NBS Cubao I was able to buy two books.

  • How to by Jennifer McKnight-Trontz
  • Collins: Colour Cyclopedia - Fact Filled Pocket Guide to the World

Both are pocket book references book. Normally, I would hesitate to buy such books because of the 20 or so volumes of Britannica Encyclopedia in the house. But these books were on sale.

The How to book is a series of pictographs, illustrations that relay information using drawings and other graphic symbols. It was patterned after the graphic plate sent by NASA into space. The plate was designed to be understood at a glance with no need for rudimentary English or any Earth based language.  It is quite an interesting book it covers a diverse array of topics from steps in making the bed to the effect of Impact when not wearing a  seatbelt to the life cycle of Frogs. Aside from being  an interesing pore over the illustrations are good visual aids when explaining stuff.

Collins’ cyclopedia’s content is grouped into The World, Countries of the World, History, Science and The Arts. The information is concise but not devoid of information,  limited to essential words, graphs and pictographs. It is a good ready reference when cross-checking, but even more helpful when tutoring my nephews. Within one’s reach is a page that can provide information and double as visual aid when tutoring. And its in colour too.

The two books were designed to endure for a long time. Both books use glossy and durable paper. The cyclopedia is hardbound while the How To book is softbound the binding seems durable - I did a check using information from one of the pictographs inside.

A good buy and handy tool to have. A steal at two hundred pesos.

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