A few days ago, I was able to watch the film Capote. I wanted to watch the film because it had good reviews from a number of movie critics and won several awards – including an Oscar for its lead actor. The film though was exclusively shown at Glorietta Cinemas.

Being it was a Friday and some people were about do a flash protest on the Ortigas platform of the MRT during rush hour, I thought it was the perfect time to watch Capote. Therefore, I went to watch the movie.

The Glorietta Cinemas were still in top condition. Although, the stairs leading to the screening room at cinema 4 was slightly steep. It was not the Eiger but you could easily see why you would want to go to a cinema where the path to the screening room was flat or at least gently sloping.

Only a few people were there to watch.

A few things I mentally noted after watching the film:

Philip Seymour Hoffman deserved the Oscar and much more. Capote was a complex character and Hoffman was able to bring out the quirkiness of the character, the character’s developing relationship with one his subjects, and Capote’s desire and drive to write and complete the book he was meant to write, In Cold Blood.

The film is not about Capote but it was how Capote wrote the only book he finished. This movie was about that book. For all the zany antics of Capote or how colourful his career was, this book defined him. One could footnote and mention in passing the different part of Capote’s life but this particular episode was important.

In addition, that in the end, along with other things made the movie memorable. My hat, if I had any, off to the group that crafted this film.

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