The Company Blog: Why and What Not To Do – Part One

I was sitting inside the bank when I noticed the bank magazine. A quick flip through its contents shows a bit of news here and a few photos there. A number of it quite interesting for the employees and owners of the bank and most probably else. And this reminded me that there are at least two types of business blogs: (i) one intended for the people in the company and (ii) two for the customers of the company.

One intended for communication within the company and one intended for communication outside. And the blog for customers have at least three purposes:

  • To promote the company or business
  • To communicate and talk with customers and others
  • To build a community around the business
  • In the Philippines, where one sees, a great number of marketing and PR campaign using social media. It is crucial to have a blog of your own as a homebase and from their stretch out into the different platforms of Social Media and Social Network Sites.

    Why a blog?

    It, the blog, is still an easy online publication to operate once it has been set-up. It, the blog, has no limit in terms of words. photos, videos and files you can put up. It, the blog, can fully be controlled by its owner.

    One advantage of a blog for the business is that the business can create the information it wants to send out. Information that can be used to promote the business. The Blog also allows it to start a conversation with the online community. And eventually develop a community of readers around the blog.

    Case Study: Company Blog Black

    This company blog seems to be quiet successful. The blog posts seem to be consistent and the comments seem to be flowing in – ie they seem to have a healthy stream of comments. But on closer look it is also under-utilized because:

    1. Most of the posts are contests.

    2. No one answers the comments.

    3. There is a lack of information on how to help consumers with their concerns. And if there are information on how to – the instructions are not easy to follow.

    4. The Blog Roll page is still under construction – although the blog has been in existence for nearly over a year. And despite requests from readers to be part of the blog roll.

    Thus the blog seems to be used only as a shout-out box for promotions. It attracts readers but it does not build a community. And the lack of interaction with its readers contributes to this lack of growth.

    So initially what seemed to be good start is at present just floundering.

    To Be Continued —

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