Pro or Anti … really?

A quick survey of opinions about recent political events in Philippine society seems to be divergent. I have read articles and views expressing one view or another. At one point a friend mine commented that the Philippines was now divided into three camps those for Arroyo, those against and those indifferent. I did not and do not share his views on the subject of categorizing a person based on what he wrote or said.

Life is more complicated than being pro or anti -Arroyo. To think absolutely is foolish and dangerously stupid.

Just because a person does not believe in another group’s view of things does not mean he or she is pro or anti. It could be he may still be unconvinced of the allegations. If one is condemned or charge as a thief one expect the accuser to present unassailable proof, beyond reasonable doubt at the least.

Also if a person does not believe in your chosen path to remedy a situation does it make them for your perceived enemy? I do not think so.

The Ancient Chinese believe that when two people are engaged in a lively debate. The loser is the one who slaps first. In other words, during an exchange of ideas the first person who attacks/stereotypes the person rather than the idea is the loser.

So, just because a person disagrees with your view or your method of change it does not make that person your enemy. It just means that you have failed to convince him.

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