Pare Ko I got the Eraserheads Heads Set

From Eraserheads: The Heads Set

This takes me back. Not far back but during the time I was taking up Graduate Studies at the University of the Philippines. Those were my volkswagen and coke regular days. Mobile CD players were expensive but there were walkmans and their cousions. Mine was an Aiwa and to make up for the lack of music in the beetle while waiting for my father to finish his class at the National Institute of Geology. And one of the tapes I had was the UltraElectoMagneticPop!

A slideshow of the Heads Set

This is and still is my favorite album of the Eraserheads. From Pare Ko whose lyrics led the Philippine Senate to hold a public investigation – even then they were prone to hold hearings on almost anything and everything. And incidentally resulted in two versions of the song being released – Pare Ko and Walang Hiyang Pare Ko. The album contained a number of enjoyable songs

1. “Easy Ka Lang” (“Take It Easy”)
2. “Maling Akala” (“Wrong Guess”)
3. “Pare Ko” (“My Buddy”)
4. “Shake Yer Head”
5. “Ganjazz”
6. “Toyang”
7. “Ligaya” (“Joy”)
8. “Tindahan Ni Aling Nena” (“Ms. Nena’s Store”)
9. “Honky-Toinks Granny”
10. “Shirley”
11. “Walang Hiyang Pare Ko” (My Shameless Buddy)
12. “Combo on the Run”

- you could just play it over and over. Well at least twice and with a headset several times.

Jump to the present. The Beetle Volkswagen is gone and Coke Zero has replaced Regular Coke who would have thought that at the launcg of the new dishes from Philippine Food Company Greenwich one would win the Eraserheads: Heads Set Collection – a black tin box that contained cds of nearly all the Eraserheads album; a shirt and a book. And to my amazement and surprise Karla and Sha went to the house just to see the set at ten in the evening from the Timog area to Harvard Street Cubao.

This is an amazing set of Eraserhead collectibles and keepsakes. Apparently, Greenwich will be giving away other sets this September if you order food from them. Of course the first CD i listented to was the UltraElectroMagneticPop! album. Only to realize how One can truly relate to Pare Ko and Maling Akala. Then it was off to search for Huling El Bimbo in the Cutterpillow album.

A Surprise

This morning before leaving for work. I played one CD called POP-U-Mentary. As I slipped into the player it began to show the menus and scenes: It was a DVD – a documentary of the group. So it is not only CDs but a DVD as well.

A nice end to yesterday I think.

Sha and Karla’s video

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  2. karla says:

    i realized that we should have taken the photo of the inverted E. If you try to look closely on the cover of the box, the details are upside down if the E is not inverted :p

  3. Juned says:

    I dont know. I will find out when I get home. :)

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