Lunch and Memories of Singapura

Singapore – the City where Lions roam or least that was the beginning of the story. It is said that the city’s founder Sang Nila Utama gave the city is name Singapura or Lion City after seeing a lion walk along the shores of the island. And the Lion City has got to be the only place in South East Asia where I have been a visitor to several times. The first visit was as a delegate to the Asian Fisheries Forum and the next one was a speaker for Aquarama. The last time I was in Singapore was during December 25, 1999 till near the end of February 2000. It was a contingency measure for the Millennium Bug that was supposed to attack. A few weeks before I left jellyfish literally attacked the Sual Power Plant and caused Luzon-wide brown out. The people at Mega Mall panicked when the lights went out and some even shouted the Millennium Bug.

In effect for a bried period of time Singapore was home for me.

Singapore has always impressed me as clean, tourist friendly city and governed by the model Mandarin Lee Kwan Yu. Although at that time it was Go Tok Chong was the one handling the reins of the government. It was a city one hoped the Philippines could be in terms public service – the train and the buses were on time and there was one ticket used for both trains and buses

But it was not always like this. At one point of our stay in Singapore aside from going to Sentosa, Jurong Bird Park and th Haw Par Villa we also went to Palau Ubin. A place that reflected back what Singapore was before it was developed. It was a fishing village.

I guess what is common with the Philippines and Singapore is that both have been and are cultural melting pots and this can be seen in the way we and the Singaporeans live and treat other people.

The diverse culture was both familiar and exotic to me.

Singapore was and I guess still a nice place to visit, live, work and study.

Several years have passed since I went to Singapore. And from the lunch meeting with Singapore officials from the and Contact Singapore have brought back a flood of memories from the Lion City – my home for a while.

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