Will NoyNoy Aquino be NoyNoy the Reformer?

They wre known by many names depending on who one was being spoken about : Ferdinand Marcos was Macoy or the Apo; Corazon Cojuanco Aquino was CA or Tita Cory; Fidel V. Ramos was Steady Eddie or Tabako; Then there was Joseph E . Estrada widely known as Erap; and well Gloria Macapagal Arroyo was kbnown as Glorya or Cruella or Pandak.

In other times leaders of nations have earned names or epithets and nicknames – like Ivan the Terrible or Ivan Grozny ( loosely translated in English as Terrible but is actually closer to the words to power, might and strictness).In England you had Richard the Lionheart and his brother Prince John (who would be King John) who was known as Bad King John, Lackland and Swoftsword – for his lack of victories in battles, but John was not weak or bad as history would show. He acquired a reputation for brutality in defending his land (most of the time unsuccessfully) but he also made the historic medieval London Bridge. Richard the Lionheart or Good King Richard did not stay often in England and was preoccupied with battles in France and Jerusalem. But I digress.

Of our modern presidents what would be their epithets be?

Macoy the Fallen
Cory the Saint
Tabako the Constant
Erap the Popular
Glorya the Unpopular

and …

Noynoy the Reformer?

Will Noynoy be the reformer? Will his government bring the much needed reform?

Will the black and white … good and evil … propaganda and spin ever cross-over and become a reality?

Will he achieve this with all the satrap and leaders from the past administrations just changing to the latest winning side and only to disappear when the tide turns? Reading and viewing the reports from the TV, Newpapers and blogs only show what has been seen through the years … nearly the same set of people – only the people on top change. A revolution that deposed another Strongman in Europe was described was the servants had just deposed of their master – nothing changed.

Will Noynoy change this? Who knows … One hopes he does. One hope he goues beyond the wang-wang (sirens).

Only time will tell.

Nonoy also claims there is but one straight road … but when one journey’s on the road one finds out it is rarely straight but mixed with twist and turns.

We will probably knew in time what the reign of Noynoy will be know as. At the moment it is beginning of his reign and the start of the political pilloring of Gloria the Unpopular.

Only time will tell.

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