Inception and MC Escher’s Relativity

INCEPTION: Directed by Christopher Nolan and starring Leonardo DiCaprio, Ken Watanabe, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Marion Cotillard, Ellen Page,Cillian Murphy, Michael Caine, Pete Postlewaite, Tom Berenger and Luke Haas.

There are actors and directors whose movies are worth going to and these are usually those that go beyond the one-hit wonders. And for these directors and actors one looks forwards to films they craft. Such is the case with Christopher Nolan and Leonardo DiCaprio.

Before the reboot- of the Batmn movies ad Prestige Chris Nolan gave the audience Memento. The film about an assasin who could not remember any event that just took place As such he uses a a Polaroid camera and tattoos to remember things.

Leonardo Di Caprio on the other hand and on the whole picked out a number of good movies so far or perhaps the better term would be interesting movies like Total Eclipse, Blood Diamond, Revolution Road, Blood Diamond, Shutter Island and now Inception.

Inception is a film about a team of people who can steall an idea or thought hidden in the consciousness And this done through the dreams. Secrets are extracted in the dream.

A botched job opens an opportunity for the team. Di Caprio and team are hired for to do an Inception or putting an idea inside a man’s brain, in this instance the son of a business rival of their first target. The operation Inception is more deadly than the usual extraction DiCaprio and his partner Joseph Gordon-Levitt at first hesitates but when the offer was further sweetened for amnesty for DiCaprio’s character Cobb they took the plunge.

Assembling a dream team for their nearly impossible mission. The movie forwards and we are treated to a series of images. One of my favorites is an adaptation of MC Escher’s Relativity. A lithograph of the Dutch artist, first printed in 1956, and depicts a world where the normal laws of gravity do not apply. In fact, the world of Relativity is actually three worlds occupying the same space and time with three different pulls of gravity.


See the lithograph at or at Wikipedia

An interesting movie yet again from Mr. Nolan and company. It is not the Matrix and it is not Memento. Built upon the bed of Science Fiction Nolan and company presents us with a psychological action-drama that leaves us with a complete story with several questions that begs the question, “Hmm that is interesting but why?”

It is simply not only a mind-fuck but much more. Try walking inside the world MC Escher.

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