The 2010 Cebu Blog Camp

Thomas Edison once said, success was one percent inspiration and ninety-nine percent perspiration. Words of wisdom from the man who invented a lot of things from the light bulb, the phonograph and the motion picture. A newspaper reporter once called him the Wizard of Menlo Park. And he is often credited with being the first person to apply the principle of mass production and teamwork in research and invention.


One Percent Inspiration and Ninety-Nine Percent Perspiration perhaps accurately describe the 1st Cebu Blog Camp. Actually, all projects are like that.. From experience working with people on the Philippine Blog Awards; Tech Tanod; the Blog & Soul Movement; WordCamp, IBLOG and similar projects.

And the Cebu Blog Camp turned out alright. Well more than alright from the sets of speakers, execution of the project, and of course the participation of the volunteers and attendees.

The 2010 Cebu Blog Camp was held at the CAP Art Center. The venue had air-conditioning, enough seats, a big wide screen for the presentations and amenities. An interesting thing about the venue was attached to it was the Museum of President Osmena. The Museum was the old house of Osmena and aside from the memorabilia one could also find on the second floor the actual Cadillac of Osmena.

Cadillac on the Second Floor

One of the interesting things about blogging can actually be found off-line. And one of the advantages of forums, conferences, conventions and other gatherings is the people that you meet. Souls of the kindred nature and at the same time uniquely their own.

Aileen’s Talk

And perhaps that is why I like going to these events and also being part of it. So as much as possible when such opportunities come along I take part in it if I can.

One of the Sessions with Janette Toral

The first Cebu Blog Camp was interesting in that it talked about nearly all topics that could be covered from blogging basics to SEO to creating buzz to personal-advocacy blogging: it was nearly blogging A to Zed.

Mica, Ria and ChiqM were there.

And it also showed how diverse and colorful blogging has become. Contrary to what some may believe that blogging can be put into a specific particular square hole. It is not.

jayvee and Coy were there as well.

I cannot wait to see what will happen next year at CBC. Hopefully there will be Lechon.

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6 Responses to The 2010 Cebu Blog Camp

  1. Lechon! LOLz! Ikaw talaga! We had crispy pata the day before 🙂

    Sayang I didn’t get to see the museum. I didn’t know about it. Second time ko pa naman mag-talk at the CAP Auditorium, but I was also rushing out during the first time to catch a flight to Cebu. Hopefully next time.

  2. Photoblogger says:

    Hmm… Lechon… hmmmm… 😛 hehehehe. We’ll think about it Kuya 😛

  3. HOOOOORAY for a successful Cebu Blog Camp 2010 🙂


  4. iggy says:

    It was nice to meet you sir juned!

  5. Great to catch up with you Juned!

  6. Juned says:

    Hi Iggy, Likewise 🙂

    Hi Janette – Sana we had more time to talk 🙂

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