Notebooks and a disclosure

As much as possible I always carry a blankbook with me. This is I guess a fancy word for a notebook, a diary and a journal. Some are so beautifully made that it seems to be a waste just to write on them.

But it still a notebook.

Recently, I have been hired to help with the on-line campaign for Schutzen – a line of notebooks for Hildebrand Enterprises. And in this project I have learned a lot of things more about notebooks.

What is the use of a notebook if not used?


A blankbook or a notebook is probably one of my favorite type of books. It is the tabula rasa on which one jots down one’s idea , a reminder, a note or a curse. For in some cases the notebook becomes the repository of our knowledge and intent. The proverbial hole in the ground where we can shout our inner thoughts. The scapegoat that becomes the recipitory of our sins. And in some cases the coliseum where we deal with our inner demons and enemies. Also a place to store notes.

There is a restaurant in China that serves an authentic and multiple course Imperial Feast. Wealthy patrons go to this restaurant to feast on dishes that were prepared for the Emperor of China and served only in Forbidden City. The proprietor of the said restaurant was a descendant of one of the minor court officials who was in charge of preparing the food. And this court official was taking down notes of what dishes were served, how they were cooked and what were the ingredients. Probably to ensure that the Emperor and his Court will always get the right and consistent meal they were used to.

Another blank book became the diary of a Jewish girl, who for a time hid with her family in an attic. They were hiding from the Nazis. Unfortunately, they were discovered, separated and sent to different concentration camps. The diary remained in the attic and after the war it was published. In its pages survived the thoughts and interactions of the people inside that attic from the point of view of the girl, Anne Frank.

Its useful to write things down in a notebook. The act itself purges us of ill-thoughts and records our opinion and musings. And in retrospect it allows us to judge more fairly our thoughts of the moment. Similar to a blog.

Except, a notebook, diary or journal allows us to be more candid, a great deal more candid.

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3 Responses to Notebooks and a disclosure

  1. Cher Cabula says:

    I’m obsessed with them! Especially the ones that are fancy and kinda expensive. I use most of them not just for jotting down my thoughts but I collect them because I also sketch a lot, so they’ve become a combination journal and sketchbook for me. I haven’t discovered this brand of notebooks yet and just by looking at the pictures on the fanpage…I want one! @_@ Thanks for sharing! May I ask, are these available locally?

  2. Juned says:

    Hi Cher,

    Yes. It is locally available. I will post the information soon.


  3. ness doctor says:

    let me know juned, ha. bili ako.

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