Rock Ed and Colgate’s Fresh U Young Leader’s Project

One of the purposes or reasons for blogging is to point what one thinks are things or opportunities of importance. And often when one does this one does not think twice – you just do it. Under this category of Bulletin Board and News you will find posts that does point out to an opportunity for the individual or community. Such as this case:

Our friends at Rock Ed along with Colgate-Palmolive Philippines have been promoting this one-of-a kind youth-powered project – Colgate Fresh Confidence: Fresh U Young Leader’s Project. Four Students organizations can receive over 50,000 each.

Here are the mechanics and the form can be downloaded here.

Think of a unique youth-involved project. Send us your idea for implementation. And get a chance to receive a grant to make your project-idea into a reality!

1. There will be 4 student organizations/student groups to receive a grant of P50,000.00 each.

2. The Fresh U Project application is open to all currently enrolled college students.

3. To join, group-applicants must accomplish a project application form (downloadable from the website – and create a 3-5 minute video explaining the project. Acceptable video file formats are: *.mp4, *.flv, *.mpeg, *.wmv, *.avi.

4.Video file name should include your school and group name. (Example: ADMU_MaroonArchers.avi)

5. Project application forms and videos must be submitted either via e-mail to or save the video file on CD and submit together with the accomplished application form in a brown envelope to your university student council. Rock Ed Philippines will coordinate with your respective university student councils to get your entries.

6.For interested Fresh U Project participants outside the Greater Manila Area, submit your application form and video entries via email to

7. Deadline for the submission of entries is on April 17, 2010.

8. The Fresh U Project should be a unique idea and not a scaled down version of an existing established project. It should be able to answer the question: “With P50,000, what can you do to make a difference?”

9. The project must benefit the local community or public school near the applicant”s home-university.

10. Each student organization/group may submit up to five (5) project proposals, but will only be eligible to receive one grant prize.

11. All proposed projects should be implemented within May-June 2010.

12. Groups should act independently and cannot partner with or seek support from an existing established NGO or organization, outside of the declared participating members.

13. Rock Ed Philippines will extend its support in the implementation of project but planning should be done solely by the applicant group.

14. Entries will be evaluated and judged by representatives of Rock Ed Philippines and Colgate-Palmolive Philippines, Inc., on the basis of the following criteria:

a. Uniqueness of idea (30%)
b. Social relevance (30%)
c. Impact on intended beneficiary (40%)

15. Selection of grant recipients will be done April 19-30, 2010.

16. The list of grant recipients and awarding event details will be announced via the Fresh U website. Grant recipients will also be notified by phone call, registered mail and official email.

17. The grant recipients must be available to physically accept the grant during the turnover ceremony on April 30, 2010. They must also present two valid IDs.

18. Grant recipients must agree to the implementation guidelines of the grant project, which includes liquidation of the grant fund with official receipts, vouchers and documentation of the event with photographs and/or video.

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