Iblog 6: April 16 and 17

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Iblog 6 is a few days away. And it is Iblog 6: I and a lot of bloggers have been going to Iblog for the past six years. And I dont regret it. Aside from the Philippine Blog Awards, Iblog is one event that has became something I have to go and see. Why?

A number of bloggers who have become friends I met here,
Iblog is where I met a lot of the people you meet on-line.
Iblog is where you learn and re-learn a lot of things.
Iblog is free
Iblog is an event for bloggers and all.
Iblog has been organized by bloggers and friends.
Iblog makes no distinction as whether one is a blogger or not or even what type of blogger you are.
Iblog welcomes you with open arms and does not ask who you are.

I like going to Iblog. Only work and other projects will prevent me from going to it.

Several things I work with TechTanod, The Blog & Soul Movement and blogging-teaching projects – I had the first taste of in Iblog.

But I am going to Iblog 6. Aside from giving a talk it is a niceway to touch base and break bread.

See you there.

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