Expectations Management: The Corona Impeachment

Nowadays, at two o’clock in the afternoon a number of people monitor twitter; watch the live stream; or listen to the radio coverage of the Corona Trial. A reading of media whether it is radio, print, television, digital and social media will reveal a wide array of opinion about the impeachment and this is just a reflection of the talk and debate that goes on in private circles, among co-workers, friends and families. It is rainbow of opinion or one might say even a pandemonium of views. Any news from the impeachment may be view and interpreted in different ways. One is tempted to say ties are similar to the story told in Akira Kurosawa’s film Rashomon about a crime that happened in a grove. In fact the film is based on a story by Ryonusuke Akutagawa that goes by the title Yabu no Naka or “In a Grove”. Rashomon was another story of Akutagawa that was used by Kurosawa to frame the story – a story within a story.

Anyway, to listen, read and view all the stories coming from the Impeachment Court has the potential of giving one the Rashomon Effect or the subjectivity of perception on recollection.

In the 1990s a comedy film by Whit Stillman called Barcelona also explored this point. The setting of the film was Post Franco Barcelona during the last decade of the Cold War and there was a naval visit of a US Fleet. The two protagonists of the story were Americans, a salesman and a US Naval Officer. One of the side stories of the film was a discussion of how other people viewed the United States and an Ant Farm was used as a metaphor. The US was an Ant Farm that opinion makers looked at and described to their readers. What the tone and slant of the description the Ant Farm took shape was of course dependent on what the opinion-maker or writer thought of the Ant Farm.

This is important when viewing the Impeachment or better when reading, watching or hearing about the Impeachment. Each source carries with it its own set of biases, point-of-view and purpose. Those against Corona would see guilt in whatever shade and try to convince that this is the correct view. Those for Corona would have the reverse view. And both would, have and have been attacking each other to prove their point. It is their job, their belief or both that this should be done.

SO how do you get to the truth of the matter? Or at least get closest to the truth? I would suspect it would be a mixture of what all sides are saying. In the end though one must look at the evidence and sift through all these press releases, gimmicks and tricks that have been used by nearly everyone interested.

Does the evidence point to an actual crime?

Or does the evidence point to something open to interpretation?

Does the case have proof beyond reasonable doubt?

Or are we depending on views of others who have already made up their mind or are just furthering their cause. Politician once said,

What scoundrels we would be if we did for ourselves what we are ready to do for Italy. – Camillo di Cavour.

Ready to do for client.
Ready to do for Patron
Ready to do for Country,
And ready to do for one – oneself

It maybe entertaining but one has to be careful not to be taken in.

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