Seeing the Teacher of UPIS before it disappears ?

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A Low Pressure Area had enetered the Philippines, bringing with it rain showers to Quezon City. On the particular Sunday I was at my high school – University of the Philippines Integrated School or U.P.I.S. also know as Up High School. There is a statue of Education. Built at the same the school buildings were built the statue is that of a teacher dressed in a Balintawak dress reading a book or at least holding the book. Education or the teacher has the fine features of a mestiza and a close look at the Balintawak would reveal floral patterns on pattern on the shoulders of the dresss. A picture taken in high contrast black and white would teveal this. If you would look at the base of the statue wou would see that it is somewhat ornate.

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One of the stories surrounding this statue is that it walks at night and another has her seeking out UPIS or UP High Students cutting classes. Looking at the lifelike features of the statue it is not surprising that it has inspired such stories and tall-tales.

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The UPIS complez will be torn down soon to give way to a mall. Most of the things of value would be transferred to the new domicile of UPIS.

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I have been told that the teahcer or education would be one of those items that will be transfeered.

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All photos from pinoysnapshot.

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