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Liberal Party: It is for practical considerations

Posted in Politics and Culture by juned on the November 22nd, 2009

Realpolitik = The Politcs of Practical Considerations

As of recent we have seen the re-alignment of forces between the different parties in preparation for 2010. This will continue up to and beyond the elections. The age of story of personalities, allies and enemies with morality, nationality and belief as window dressings for each group and not party. As such the recent addition and subtraction in the Liberal Party because of the alignment of the Rectos comes as no surprise. Although, It seems to be a big let down for a number of supporters of the Liberal - specially those convinced of the new politics branding of the party.

Just remember it is for practical considerations.

It remains now whether the believers of the Liberal Party’s new politics will be able to swallow or not the latest things happening in that party. In the end it will just be a matter of (a) accepting it as a strategic move aimed at getting more votes for the Aquino-Roxas ticket or (b) rejecting it as anathema or unacceptable: A bad move for a party practicing new politics.

Just remember it is for practical considerations.

The thing is if you accept option (a) then its not new politics anymore. Its politics with the Liberal Party playing by the rules the game is played.

Just remember it is for practical considerations.

So what differentiates them from let say the National Party and their alliance with the Kilusan Bagong Lipunan and a number of parties (or party) belonging to the National Democrats?

Nada. Zilch . Nothing.

Just remember it is for practical considerations.

All are political groups with the lean and hungry look - ready to win the elections. And win it by making the votes count. Morality or good and evil be damned. But then again did not the Aquino-Roxas tandem proclaimed or at least their drum beaters did say it was the a battle between good and evil? And this is probably not the only deal now or in the future where practical considerations are concerned.

It would have been more practical for the Liberal Party to position themselves as just the Opposition party and not brand itself as the party of new politics. As of now and proven in recent days no such animal exist.

Just remember it is for practical considerations.

Writing to Myself

Posted in Opinion by juned on the November 20th, 2009

Or the Perils and Pleasures of being a Private Diarist:

A diary is practical thing. A Confessor. A friend who listens and does not betray you unknowingly. It is something you write to yourself and for yourself.

A friend of mine years ago left her diary for a while on the school bench. Unfortunately, two of our friends took an interest and began to read the first set of pages. My friend saw it from afar and gave the two boys a thrashing they would never forget.

Truth be there are diaries that are made for others to see and then there are are private diaries. Those that are only for the Diarist’s eyes alone. In time it may fall into the hands of someone or it may not.

Marcus Aurelius called diary: Writing to Myself. Anne Frank had her published. And the Scottish Poet William Soutar had his published after his death - and the book was called the Diary of a Dying Man.

There are several ways of writing a private journal and diary. Secure a notebook - a simple notebook or one of those fancy notebooks like moleskin or milquerius - then write. Or you can set up a blog and type away.

To ensure that it remains private: After setting up the blog: Go to settings and make it readable only by you the blogger.

A diary is an assassin’s cloak which we wear when we stab a comrade in the back with a pen – Willian Soutar, 1934

Still there are pleasures and perils in writing a private diary. You write with reckless abandon. With little or no repercussions. The peril may be in that one writes without forethought. We tend to be more unforgiving and fast in judgment. It is a commentary of a snapshot - And like all things it may change.

And maybe in this we see another use for the private journal or diary its a place to look back at to read and see your thoughts were from a distance in time. And see how foolish or wise you were.

Why I did not regret going to BlogFestAsia

Posted in Blogging & Technology by juned on the November 20th, 2009

The plane came in at 10:00. It was the Hong Kong Express flight UO73 from Manila. Passing through imigration and customs was fast. And the trip via Airport Express to Kowloon Station was fast as well It took some time though for the K5 bus to arrive that would take guests to the hotel – CityView. Checking in was not a big problem – there were no rooms until after 2 in the afternoon. And Tonyo Cruz was there and we went straight away, bag and all, to the Asian Blogfest.

Just made it in time for the panel discussion, I was part of the panel. The panel talked about … well updates of the different blog communities in and around Asia. In the panel there were bloggers from Malaysia, Cambodia, Taiwan, the Philippines (Blogie Robilo) and China. Probably China was the most interesting in that it was probably the one in China - the image of the building in the center of big man made crater where a building was to rise was a statement. This image:This photo: This snapshot seemed to me that it brought home a point that blogging is powerful but it is also a dangerous business.

There are things more powerful than a photo and that is listening to a first hand account of what happened.

And unfortunately you really get to realize this when you meet a fellow-blogger face-to-face and listen to their story. You get to learn about it on-line or even learn about if during a presentation but to nothing beats an actually tale and talk. It is only that you realize that life is not as tough here in the Philippines for bloggers, although we do have problems of our own - libel for one, over commercialization and other things that makes blogging interesting.

As I looked on and participated and became part of the first Blogfest Asia. I cannot but help to remember the early days of Iblog, the meet-up of bloggers, the Philippine Blog Awards and the Blog & Soul Movement. All this events introduced me to a lot of people I call friends now. I wonder will the same hold true for Blogfest Asia? I think so.

One of the blogger, Jerry Foo at the event said as we went on our seperate ways - You Are Not Alone … not original but apt.

This an interview Ching Chiao of BlogFestAsia1.


BlogFestAsia, the Philippine Blog Awards, activities with the Blog & Soul Movement. talk with friends and a number of other things have convinced me to compartmentalize and start a new blog at - Notes Blogging, Social Media, On-Line Media and On-Line Reputation Management.