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Posted in News and Announcements by juned on the October 28th, 2009

Received a message from Elbert Or regarding Start Here. I will let Elbert’s email or letter speak for itself.

We are Start Here, an online project collecting artwork inspired by Typhoon Ondoy relief efforts that aims, in turn, to inspire others to help in rebuilding affected communities in the Philippines.

Currently, we are organizing the START HERE SKETCH-A-THON, a one-day drawing event that aims to raise funds for the benefit of Ondoy survivors. During the event, artists and artists-at-heart can draw their visions of hope, creation, and rebuilding, or ask professional artists for commissioned artwork in exchange for pledges and donations.

The event will happen on 15 November 2009, Sunday at Fully Booked Bonifacio High Street, and we’d like to ask for your help in spreading the word, so that more people could attend. We also hope to see you there!

Bangon Pinoy, Share the Revolution and PBA

Posted in Blogging & Technology by juned on the October 22nd, 2009

We are nearing the end of the official awarding ceremonies and dinner for the 2009 Philippine Blog Awards. This week there is going a PBA Awards Dinner for Mindanao and tomorrow I will be flying out there to be part of it. But it does not ende there. In fact there are two or more projects of the Philippine Blog Awards withing the corner. One a partnership with Globe Telecom and the other a project from which the net proceeds would go to the PBA and a donor.

Let me explain …

The Philippine Blog Awards dinner were supposed to have two after parties sponsored by Globe. Instead of the after parties PBA recommended and which Globe approved of will go to an outreach program and rehabilitation efforts of Globe via Bangon Pinoy:

One way is through a fund raising with the following mechanics:

Use the #BangonPinoy hashtag, Globe and PBA will guarantee P1.00 to be spent for Ondoy and Pepeng victims. After the hashtag, post pictures, videos, quotes and even links to blog posts that will inspire Filipinos around the world to help as well. This happens from Oct 19 to Nov 3, prior the Nov 6 Help day.

The other way is through being part of Bangon Pinoy Help Days:

Marikina, Oct 19 – ISP reconnection and school clean-up

Region 1 / 2, Nov 6 – Replanting

What is Bangon Pinoy?


Bangon Pinoy is Globe’s effort to rebuild and rebalitiate the areas affected by the storm. Globe is doing this by (i) building infrastructures tha hopefully can do better when the next disaster comes along; (ii) Help in starting up business associated with telecoms; (iii)Re-bate on phone bills; (iv) aside from the rehabilitations of the community.

Then there is The SHARE REVOLUTION - A one day seminar conducted by the Institute of Transformative Marketing Communications Inc for the benefit of the Philippine Blog Awards or net proceeds will go to the Philippine Blog Awards. This may seem odd since the core competency or focus of the PBA is to prepare, organize and present the awards but the PBA agreed to this because this was going to be used to raise funds for next year’s awards and psrt of the fund the PBA will be getting will go to charity (Red Cross) - possibly a 30 to 70 divide or even more.

The seminar itself is perfect or suitable for those interested in marketing via or through the online community. Looking at the program, aside from the lone blogger speaking, most of the sessions concentrate on different experiences of companies with the Internet and on-line communities. So it should be worthwhile to take a gander at it if you are into Internet marketing and branding. The fee is five thousand pesos.

The seminar is for the benefit of the PBA. I do hope they changed it because earlier this week we saw a flyer saying it was a partnership.

Here it is.


Also the Institute of Transformative Marketing Communications, Inc. for the benefit of the Philippine Blog Awards will be holding a seminar - geared towards Brand/Product Managers, Marketing Strategists, PR Officers, Corporate Communications Executives, or Communications Practitioner who recognize the potential of the online community and hopes to understand its dynamics further - on November 4, 2009 at Hampton Room, 2/F Astoria Plaza from 4 November, 2009, 8am to 5pm. The seminar exclusive of tax will cost around five thousand pesos. Portions of the proceeds will also be contributed to the Red Cross to help in the relief and rehabilitation efforts.

Here is the registration pdf:

Nov4_ The Share Revolution (Program+Reservation)(2)