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Holiday and the members of the 2009 Philippine Blog Awards

Posted in Blogging & Technology, Opinion by juned on the August 31st, 2009


Today is a holiday. Respite from work. Although there are those still working a great number of which are probably receiving or will be receiving extra pay for an extra work day. But let me just take a minute to thank the people of the Philippibe Blog Awards (PBA)for the work they have done this year.

The Philippine Blog Awards would not come to be without the support of the members of the blogging community; the sponsors; and the members of the Philippine Blog Awards. Without these people we would be probably giving the awards inside an empty theatre or hall.

For today though let me focus this post on the members of the PBA. You see this year the PBA opted not to call out volunteers and instead recruited members. Those recruited were automatically barred from entering any of their blogs to main and special awards division. And on top of that these members were tasked with working for the PBA.

Doing a number of tasks from soliciting, planning, managing and setting up the different parts of the PBA for this 2009 awards. All done during their free time. And there were time when they skipped work.

There were the meetings. Weekly meetings and discussions that almost ended up till morning. The members were present physically and on-line for these meetings. Most sacrificed their free time just to attend to these meetings and do PBA work.

Why am I writing this? The PBA09 is still a month or so away. And there are still a lot things to do. Well … I just wanted to say thank you to the members of PBA for being there.


Etiquette and Manners

Posted in Politics and Culture by juned on the August 19th, 2009

It has been said that etiquette tells you which fork you are to use and manners is what you do when your neighbor uses the wrong fork. I have been reading a lot of material about the controversy regarding the dinners at Le Cirque and other dinners thereafter; And what is also interesting read is the stories and side stories about the event and the stories themselves - from wrong assumptions on the (theoretical) bill and frayed relationships between bloggers and journalists … and bloggers versus bloggers.

Its like the bonfire of vanities lighting up our own biases and well humanity about the subject. Is it proper or improper? If it is improper to eat at a posh restaurant then would this improperness extend to the personal? I remember this joke.

A communist and a businessman saw a great modern house it had everything a man could wish for and more. Both left the house with different impressions: The communist said to himself no man should have such a house while the businessman said to himself all men on Earth should have such a house.

The impropriety of it all is interesting whether it be codified or held common as an unwritten law by society or society’s guardians.

At one point one hears or reads the phrase leaders have to keep a higher moral standard. Higher? So Citizens have to keep a lower one? Keeping a moral standard is difficult enough. Pointing or even mentioning a higher standard implies is like saying a citizen can eat at a posh restaurant while its leaders cannot.

What is important in the dinner at Le Cirque et al is not whether or not it is improper to eat at a high class restaurant but whether or not it was the tax payers’ money that was used to pay for these dinners. And that is what has to be proven or disproven.

Chit/Bill please!

Menu Set D from M Iblis

Posted in Politics and Culture by juned on the August 12th, 2009

I had a talk with my dear old friend M. Iblis and we were talking about the events that happened the past few days. And at one point he told me about his new set menu at M Iblis Kitchen. Here it is:

M Iblis Kitchen - Menu Set D

Hors d’Ĺ“uvre/Appetizer

Cirque Cheeze - Tidbits and Portions of a $20,000 dinner in New York. May also include portions of expensive dinners and other portions of the good life also enjoyed in the Philippines.


Martini a la Theoretical - named after the theoretical bill of the L’Affair Le Cirque. Almost as good as the real thing but theoretical. Endorsed by several columnists and newspapers worldwide as the real thing


The Odd Man Out Caparas - A dish derived from pork cheeks and sweet bread marinated in rhum. A classic and popular pop culture dish. Often misplaced and lumped into the wrong food category to the frustration of classicists. Once sampled one can only say Mama Mia God Save Me.


Binae Bitter Soup - Made out of amapalaya and other bitter stuff. Also known as the Wanabee, since the dish has been promoted as an alternative to the main dish. Ah but it is still trying. The soup has B letter noodles that seem to rally at one point of the soup to the next. The B noodles when hot makes noisy sounds that sounds like resign resign

Main Course

Cold Duck la Glorya: Cold Smoked Duck cooked with bitter herbs and vodka. Not a popular dish. But its the only one we have at the moment. Will last for one more year


Just Desserts - A much sought after dessert. Unfortunately, not available at the moment. It is not in season. For some reason its not popular among politicians - from both sides of the fences all three of them. Instead there is mango flavored Brazo de Mercedes called the Boulevard of Broken Dreams and Empty Promises.


To cap of the dinner and to aid in the digestion of the meal M Iblis has prepared alcoholic drinks. There are three to choose from the sherry rant, port of pragmatism and madeira a la glorya. In order to survive the meal Mr Iblis suggest to get a shot of all three.

Presidential Coffee and Parliamentarian Tea also served