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Posted in Politics and Culture by juned on the February 18th, 2009

It is rush hour and the train/tube station is packed with people. You are a commuter on your way home. Suddenly over the PA system a countdown is heard. You look around to see train officials explain what it is. However, they seem to exhibit the same expression a deer has when it sees the headlights of the car. Probably the last thing it sees. The Train people has this sort of look.

Then as the count end nearly four thousand people inside the station start to dance. But there is no music. Oh my they are wearing earpieces and headphones:They are listening and dancing to the music from their digital music player.

The dancing only stops after two hours.

Ladies and Gentlemen, This is a flash mob. And it happened in the United Kingdom - Victoria Station to be exact. The amazing thing about it was this was arranged and set in motion via the Internet.

Here is one report about what would be known as of now as the biggest Flash Mob event in the UK.

An the antics are not limited to one act alone. It could be anything from meeting inside a department store and asking for a bed that would fit all participants. Or inside a mall participants would just freeze. Any bizarre act that would get attention will do.

Of course there are people who would fine this irritating. Then there are people who would find this corny and some would find this fun - which it is at least on purpose.

I guess it is so effective that it is also being used now for marketing and promotion. Two weeks ago. I saw such an activity at Market, Market. Flash Mob purists would most probably argue that it is not a flash mob. However, whatever it is or whatever it may be called (perhaps flash marketing r flash promotion) it still is amusing. Althouhg it may still need some polishing.

In order to get the attention of the people it needs more people or get in a more visible formation.

In order to surprise people maybe more subtle and economic way of communicating with the players.

In the end it has to be amusing and fluid. And perhaps that is the challenge for enterprises using this to do some flash promotion or flash advertising.

Reaction of bystanders at the recent Flash Mob/Flash Advertising at Market! Market!

Camping: DVD and the Compass

Posted in Politics and Culture by juned on the February 10th, 2009

This morning I saw my nephew go to camp. Its not for long. At most two days. He woke up early and woke me also up early. Actually I was already awake. I think the older one gets the less sleep one needs or no matter how late one stays up one always wake at the same time.

A few days before the camping trip my nephew asked me for two things: Rather borrowed two things for me. A compass and a DVD of the Mummy. According to my nephew. They were allowed to bring DVD so that they can watch it on the bus.

How things change and yet remain the same.

I remember the times we went camping. Trips to Batulao, UP Los Banos and even Baguio. Where one of our classmates saw a duwende (dwarf). Actually, a foot. But for the life of me I cannot imagine one seeing a foot alone. While another classmate who was accompanied by his mother who when she saw the “facilities” of the camp promptly booked her son with her in the nearby Hotel.

As one gets older of course the outings and camping became something of a summer adventure between friends. The mountain range of Sierra Madre, the hills of Zambales and the beach front of Batanggas. A number were technically not camping … since one could rent a room or a nipa hut. But it was fun. Exploring and snorkeling.

And one of the things that one brought always was a match, a flashlight, rope , the trusty Swiss knife.
and of course the first aid kit.

Today you have to add the DVD. Has it become an essential thing? Maybe or maybe not. Well, something to pass the time while traveling to the camp site.

What is interesting though is that one also needs a compass. An instrument used to find one’s way about.

The Compass and the Dvd.

One must always need to compass to go about or to live life.