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Will You Lynch a Man? Notes for a presentation today.

Posted in Blogging & Technology by juned on the November 29th, 2008

How a funny way to start a presentation about Best Practices in Blogging. I have been blogging for some time now and I am still amazed at how effective and how widespread blogging has become. I love blogging and I love what it can do. It can give you a voice in the Internet. Its a more economical way of publishing and syndicating/distributing one’s thoughts or opinion – whether it be about the latest development in technology or politics or it or even the latest food products.

Blogging is used by both diarists, pundits, writers, story tellers and businessmen. In fact, there are growing number of businesses that have been using blogging to promote their business and an equal number of business that have their own blogs.Some for retail and some for on-ine promotion and reputation management.

So would you Lynch a Man?

What are the basics or best practices in blogging?

There are some people who believe that there are three basic that make an Internet project – whether it be a blog, a website or forum – a success.



This refers to the recruitment of readers. This can be done by focusing the nature of one’s blog. (i) What is the goal and purpose of your blog. It may be a personal, a niche or even a group blog – but it most have its purpose – goals and objectives. It makes things simple and will assist you in formulating your content and even the name of your blog. (ii) Make things accessible by using effective titles and using effective tools – like RSS (Really Simple Syndication to distribute content to your reader) and also by designing the blog to make it more easily accessible. Remember part of an effective recruitment is to make the reading experience more pleasant. Ask yourself:

Is it easy to move around your blog?
Is it easy to access your posts by RSS or Email?
Is it easy on the eye?


This refers to the content and other things in your blog that make it worth going back to or even signing up for.

Do you provide necessary and important information that is of use to the reader.
Do you keep a regular schedule of the posts? Three times a day? Weekly? Bi-Weekly or Forthnightly Or Monthly? Whatever the frequency is – keep it consistent.
Do you talk to your readers by answering their comments?
Do you engage in widgets/technology that enhances the experience of your reader?
Do you engage in rewards/prizes with your readers?
Do you provide good content?

Aside from being necessary is the way you present the information interesting? Is it complemented with sounds or even images or even moving images? Importance of information is of course relative but the way it is presented enhances of improves its value to the reader


Satisfaction from keeping a blog comes via monetary and non-monetary rewards. It could be revenue from ads or ad sense. And it could be a comment or talk between the blogger and the readers. Or it can even be the satisfaction of creating an on-line reputation – due to the combination of blogs and search engines. Even blogging alone can be a rewards in itself. It all depends on the goals and objectives you have set.

So would you lynch a Man?

So these are a some of best practices in blogging that I have come to learn and sharing with you today. There are more and we will be producing to the last set that for me is equally important than the first set. There may be more but lets focus on this set for the moment.

Blogging is a poweful tool. So powerful that it can and has been used to build and destroy reputations. It is a vibrant part of on-line media – dynamic and varied. Blogging enhances media on a whole but it is also something that has to be used with care and responsibility. Internet and the new content management system like wordpress and blogger has given birth to the new newspaper/pamphlet/publications – several in fact. And in order to survive in this big and vibrant media one of the most important thing is credibility.

And as such the blogger has to be careful with the facts and posts.

Fact checking is necessary. Whether it be the name of product and its features or a story. One must check the facts. Each story/post has to be the product of research in order to be fair.

One cannot Rant all the time. And even rants needs the facts in order to be believed. And facts needs to be linked or cited if from other sources.

Also a blogger has to be aware of the consequences of a post but for the blogger, the reader and the subjects of the post. Just imagine whether one’s conversation, one’s data or even picture in a social media network like Friendster, Facebook or Twitter be published on a blog – even if its in the public. What would you feel like if it happened to you.

Thus we come back to the question : Would you lynch a man?

Blogging like any form of media has its consequences. It might be worthwhile to consider this or remember the old cartoon from Sesame street about the girl who thinks about the consequences of exploding the balloon.

Blogging is a powerful medium and actions/post have consequences. And it seems to me one of the most important things that one has to remember about blogging.

An afternoon of music

Posted in Snapshots, podcasts and videocasts by juned on the November 26th, 2008

A few months ago I was part of a group of bloggers who saw how these children/scholars of Rock Ed and Nokia were able to tranform themselves into a band that is so good they can now sing cover songs.





Posted in Politics and Culture by juned on the November 24th, 2008

One of the things that was interesting about science and in particular was ecology. In a nutshell and based on my understanding encompasses or covers the distribution and abundance of life. And it also covers the study of the interactions among and between organisms and the environment they live in.

Relationships: Action and Reaction: Cause and Effect: Nature is a web that effects nearly all. Each has a place in ecology a niche - a relation position.

It is all related and its all about relations. And this often led me to think quite demoniacally how the long described ecological relations seem to be applicable to human relationships as well.

1. Mutualism

2. Commensalism

3. Parasitism

Mutualism is a relationship between organisms, A&B, where both benefit from it. Commensalism is a relationship between organisms where organism A benefits but no effect - positive or negative is seen in organism B. And Parasitism is a relationship between organisms where organism A benefits to the detriment or harm of organism B.

Now my paranoid and jaded self always found the similarities of these relationships to that of humans. How often have you found yourself with an individual - lover or friend - who you would describe as parasitic or you enjoy being with and it is reciprocal (mutualistically beneficial) and then the relationship wherein you benefit from but your “friend” does not - its commensal baby.

Still some Biologists theorize that commensalism is just an undiscovered form of mutually benificial or parasitic relationship.

Symbiosis - a relationship between organisms

Symbiosis vary in strength and duration (Sounds familiar). It can be long-lived to brief. It can also be weakly or strongly intimate.

This really sounds familiar.

A commensal relationship (whether you believe is an undiscovered form parasitic or mutually beneficial relationship) can be using another organism/person for any of the following transportation or phoresy; for housing or inquilinism; and use of another organism after its dead or metabiosis.

Parasitism on the other does harm to its host. And be warned parasites can be necrotrophic ie they kill their host. They can also be biotrophic meaning they rely on their host surviving. Be careful of such parasites.

So look left and right. Then up and down. Can you determine if your relationship with your lover or friend is: mutually beneficial; the so-so commensal or the deadly parasitic relationship. :)