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Dracula’s Soul Brother

Posted in Arts and Entertainment by juned on the October 31st, 2008

Or those Horror films I would like to see again

There was a time when the local television stations had this Friday Horror night fest. And at the Kolchak: The Night Stalker was aired late at night. Those were really fun days viewing horror movies on telly. And for a time it was nearly hard to get a copy of these films and even now there are some films hard to find. For example the first version of I am Legend can now be downloaded just look for The Last Man on Earth starring Vincent Price - the film lapsed into the public domain. Much closer to the original than the latter film adaptation - Omega Man and I am Legend. But still not close enough - Richard Matheson opted out of the film.

Luckily, today we can get some films and watch it from the comfort of our home. Still, there are some movies and probably even shows that I or we watched but would like to see again.

Present day Halloween reminds me of such films that … gosh would be nice to see again. Caveat Lector: Reader Beware:Note - this is a mix set of films some old, some a bit new, some critically acclaimed and some bit to shreds by the critics. I think a lot of them are quirky and this is probably the reason I would like to see them again - given the chance.


The film was promoted with these set of blurbs -

Rising From the Echoing Corridors of Hell, An Awesome Being of the Supernatural - With Satanic Power of Sheer Dread. Chained Forever to a Slavery More Vile Than Any Before Endured…

He”s black! he’s beautiful! he’s Blacula!

Warm, young bodies will feed his hunger, and hot, fresh blood his awful thirst!

His bite was outta sight!

Bloodsucker! - Deadlier than Dracula!

However, I prefer the old caption my friend told me, Its short and straight to the point. Blacula: Dracula’s Soul Brother.

A racist Dracula curses an African Prince seeking his help to free his people: Dracula transforms the Prince into a vampire and locks him up in a coffin. And Dracula names him Blacula. Dracula also locks up Blacula’s wife in a coffin - but does not turn her. This Dracula is really grade A no-gooder.

Blacula is re-awakened in the United States by two Interior Designers who bought and open his coffin. Looking for his lost love and leaving bloodless victims Blacula terrorizes the neighborhood.

A fun film to watch and the acting by of actor, director and opera singer William Marshall is not bad, in fact it was quite good.

Dellamorte Dellamore: The Cemetery Man

Filmed in 1994 by Michele Soavi, based on the novel of Tiziano Sclavi. This the tale of Francesco Dellamorte and his assistant Gnaghi, a mentaly retarded rotund bald man, as they keep the dead from returning every night in the cemetery of Buffalora, Italy.

Oh what delight.

I liked this zombie film because its different from most. Because the character is brooding and at wits end on what to do with this never ending cycle of killing the undead he is in. And things get more tough as love - the search, the lack, the blossoming and other things about love - comes into the picture.

Its a quirky Zombie film that is not just about shooting the undead. LIFE HAPPENS.

The film stars Rupert Everet as Francesco Dellamorte and François Hadji-Lazaro as Gnaghi.

Ane then there are those horror films that I have bever seen but would like to see. I came across these films years ago with this post of Noel Vera - Gerardo de Leon: Two vampire films.

Gerardo De Leon’s Kulay Dugo ang Gabi (aka The Blood Drinkers) and Ibulong Mo sa Hangin (aka Blood of the Vampires)

You have to read his post to realize that these two films would be a gem to watch.

Just read Vera’s description of the opening sequence:

… We see a gate; it swivels open. A horse carriage carrying a coffin drives straight out of Murnau’s Nosferatu and through the gates; a tailfinned sedan glides smoothly behind (this juxtaposition of gothic trappings and modern technology occurs repeatedly throughout the film). Through mist-shrouded grounds a tall figure in black, his voluptuous companion, an older but still handsome woman, a hunchback in blackface, and a dwarf exit car and carriage to carry the coffin into an old manor (all this without dialogue, although early on a priest gives a little speech about the evil of vampires). The tall figure is Dr. Marco (Ronald Remy); Tanya (Celia Rodriguez) is his companion-assistant, the hunchback (Paquito Diaz) and dwarf his henchmen. The coffin contains his great love Katrina, a strikingly beautiful woman in an unfortunate blonde wig (Amalia Fuentes, the “Elizabeth Taylor” of the Philippines–she doesn’t have Taylor’s unearthly serenity, but does possess an intriguing Spanish flavor); the elderly woman is Katrina’s mother, Marisa (Mary Walter). After early efforts at a revival involving an IV tube and what looks like heavy radio equipment (De Leon cuts to a closeup of Fuentes; when she wakes the screen flares up red, when she falls back asleep the screen is flooded with cool blue), Marco declares, “all she needs is her sister’s heart.” Marisa had earlier in life left Cherito, the other of her twin daughters (Fuentes sans wig), in the care of a pair of peasants; now she must make a hard decision: allow Marco to sacrifice Cherito to save Katrina, or protect Cherito and let Katrina die.[Source]

Ronald Remy, Celia Rodriguez, Mary Walter, Amalia Fuentes and a hunched backed Paquito Diaz in the cast this is promising. The other movie even has Eddie Garcia and involves a family curse - of course vampirism.

Read Vera’s post about these movies. You would probably sell your soul to the Devil to watch them. OK, maybe not but these would be interesting to watch Halloween or not.

Gary Valenciano and Ovi

Posted in Arts and Entertainment by juned on the October 30th, 2008

Gary Valenciano - Share on Ovi

The first time I saw Gary Valenciano was when my friends and I went to his concert at the Folk Arts Theater. This was years ago. I do not really know if they use the Folk Arts Theater still. Whenever I would go there it would be closed. I think they still use it for religious rallies. I do not really know.

He always had this quality in him and in his music. He could be very lively on stage and also very melancholic when called for it. I mean it is the songs – they were from different end of the spectrums - Di Bale Nalang Kaya to Natutulog ba ang Diyos.

In a sense watching him on stage, during a concert, was like riding a roller coaster. Going up and down: fast paced to some sort of melancholic thing and up again. I remember my friends would alternate dancing on their seats and standing still and waving lighted lighters. Those were days. The parking lot around Folk Arts Theatre was filled to the brim. Yup this was some time ago.

Even the song Pasko Na Sinta Ko was one of those songs that tweaked and tugged at the emotional heart strings of young and old. It was one of the song that got one teary-eyed, more so if one were away from home - whether one be a student studying in another place or a person working in another land. It was that kind of song.

** Pasko Na Sinta Ko Pre Gary V

Some trivia about Pasko Na Sinta ko. The music was composed during the mid 70s by Francis Dandan then a music student at the Univeristy of the Philippines College of Music. The lyrics were written by voice teacher, polyglot and lieder exper Prof Aurelio Estanislao. And the song was first performed by the UP COncert Chorus under the baton of Prof Rey Paguio.


Time jump to the present. And we were at MagNet Cafe. A few weeks ago the Eraserheads had their reunion concert. But that afternoon we were going to meet Gary V in the flesh. It turns out the press conference was about Gary Valenciano using Ovi.

Ovi is the Finnish word for door and its Nokia’s online platform to share and deliver digital information - documents, images, moving images, sound, music and much more.

Time flies and times change.

Still it was a welcome sight to see Gary V adapt new technology. And this is technology that will allow him to share and interact with his families and fans. This may include the following:

His trips and concerts abroad
Old photos perhaps
Music perhaps

And this begs the question.

I wonder if he is going to take to blogging next?

UP Theatre Art Students looking for Angels

Posted in Arts and Entertainment by juned on the October 27th, 2008

Dear Friends,

I read this post of Gibbs Cadiz and would like to help in some way by spreading the word out.

Twelve Theatre Arts Students from the University of the Philippines with director and playwright Anton have been invited to join the Up International Students Film and Theatre Festival in Pristina, Kosovo. The festival runs from Nov. 21 to 27, 2008.

Not all the students can afford the airfare and are looking for Angels who can support them - so that the whole group can make it and perform in the festival.

Personally, I think this is a worthy endeavor because it is a way to promote and showcase the Filipino Theatre.

Still. I think Gibbs write and speaks best for the case. You can read it here.

And here is letter of Mr Pat Valera detailing the event and the appeal.

How to help: For donations, please contact Pat Valera 0927- 4464001 or Chic San Agustin 0906-3916169. Again, the formal solicitation letter is here, noted by Dr. Anton Juan and with full details of the trip, including the members of the student delegation.

Our artists need our help. Thank you in advance for your generosity.