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UP@100: Capturing 100 UP moments

Posted in News and Announcements by juned on the May 27th, 2008

Class Picture

This is probably my earliest snap of UP. The Child Development Center (CDC). near the College of Home Economics. I like it because I sort of look innocent here and … well I was thin then as well. And it will take some time for anyone who will view this photos to figure out where I am.

Anywho, There is this projec you see and its about UP (University of the Philippines) … it is called UP@100. It aims to gather together photos, snaps and vids of those times we spent in UP, whether it be in Manila, Diliman, Los Banos, Mindanao, Visayas, Cebu, Tacloban, Clark, and Baguio: Wherever, Mr Oblation stands. So UP students and alumni from as far as Tawi-Tawi to Waga Waga its time to share your precious moments.

Just because it is the Centennial a, just because its fun and just just because. (^_^)Y



I. Who can participate:

1. Any University of the Philippines Alumni.
2. Any University of the Philippines student.

II. How to submit your photo or video:

1. A participant can submit at most two pictures of himself/herself (alone or otherwise) taken in UP or during a UP event OR a 15-sec video of the participant taken in UP or during a UP event.

2. Each entry should have the the following information:

* Name
* Student Number
* Degree and Course
* Two to five words describing the event (include the year the photo/video was taken)

3. Entries could be submitted by any one of the following means:

* Sending them with file (photo/video) attachments to up100@googlegroups.com or baratillocubao@gmail.com.

* Posting the photos on their blogs and leaving the url as a comment on this official UP@100 post.

* Uploading the video on a file sharing site and leaving the download link as a comment on this official UP@100 post.

4. Only ONE of the entries submitted per participant will be selected.

5. The deadline for submissions is on June 19, 2008. A day after the UP Centennial Anniversary (so that photos from the centennial celebration could be included).

6. The launch of the video will be on June 26, 2008 on all the organizers’ blogs.

7. A microsite will be created for the project where all (part of the 100 or not) the submitted photos & videos will be posted in sync with the video launch.

Here are more UP@100 coordinators: Coy, Benj, Fritz, Ederic, Poyt, Gino, Karla, Kevin and AJ.

We are very excited in this project and I hope many of you can join! Looking forward to your great UP moments! :)

DISCLAIMER: The UP@100 Project is in no way related or connected to the official Centennial Activities of the University of the Philippines. This is a volunteer effort and project by several UP students and alumni.

WordCamp Philippines on September 6, 2008

Posted in Blogging & Technology by juned on the May 25th, 2008

WordCamp Philippines is set on September 6, 2008.See here and here. So what does WordCamp mean? Here are a few words and phrases that will shed some light into it:

Gatherig of WordPress enthusiats and punters
Install-Fest Galore

WordCamp Philippines is being organized by our friends behind the Mindanao Blogging Summit, now officially known as the Mindanao Bloggers Inc.

So all Wordpress punters block out the date:

Remember Remember the Sixth of September
Of Wordpress, bloggers and other Stuff
I know of no reason why WordCamp and other related learning sessions
Should ever be forgot

Specially if you use Wordpress. Watch out for updates!

[Disclosure: This blogger has been lucky enough to be part of the committee working on this project. Thanks to the Mindanao Bloggers for this opportunity and the trust. (^_^)Y]


Posted in Politics and Culture by juned on the May 23rd, 2008

A few days ago I was watching the damage caused by the the typhoon, known locally Cosme, on the provinces up North. Specifically, in Zambales. The damage brought by the visit of Cosme was significant.

1. Fallen Trees along the road and in the fields
2. Fallen houses and school houses
3. Roads destroyed
4. Power lines cuts

And the sad thing about this is that such sights are seen every year. It makes one wonder whether the way we do and construct things is it applicable to our tropical climate.

Ours is a country of wet and dry season. On a normal year typhoons like unwanted suitors and guest visits our land. And our abode:the houses we live in reflect the conditions we live.

Yet seeing all this destruction of houses and school houses. It seems a waste that we have not yet learned to adapt to the environment or have instead un-adapted.

If one were to consider the houses we have the bahay kubo, bahay na bato and other houses we will see tht these are structures that have adapted to
the condition.

Another example of adaptation are the houses at Batanes. Short and sturdy these houses are built to withstand typhoons that visit Batanes.


Are we un-adapting to the environment? In a country where earthquakes roam, volcanoes rumble , and storms howl - To un-adapt can costly, critical and terminal.