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Posted in Blogging & Technology by juned on the April 30th, 2008


It is the usual practice to give out very good write ups about IBlog 4. The annual gathering of bloggers, podcasters and vloggers in the Republic of the Philippines. As I slowly digested what happened a few days after the event I am perplexed, vexed and the verge of exasperation. My disappointment is a bottomless pit in the seventh hell of Despair. This might come as a surprise to all of you but I must say what I have to say.


I post not to praise Iblog but to complain. And here I begin my list of complaints: What I Hate About IBLOG 4

1. I hate the fact that the topics were interesting and very diverse. I am mad that we were not bored with an endless array of statistics and sermons of what is and what should be. Darn it !!!

2. I hate the fact that the so called Mr Pinoy Blogero aka Karlo earns enough money from blogging that he can now afford not to get an allowance from his parents. Well his Mom’s reaction was fun though.

3. I hate the fact that Janette Toral, JJ Disini and the UP ICS were able to pull off another IBLOG. And this time better than the ones they had last year.

4. I hate the fact that Coy aka Cokskiblue and Aileen Apolo aka Ms Antipolo was able to present an interesting video that they shot, edited and produced only a few days before, GRRRR!!!!

5. I hate the fact that the Charo Nuguid revealed that blogging was more than just money. Darn it!!

6. I hate the fact that Jonas Diego was able to parlay blogging into something more and then some.

7. I hate the fact that the bloggers who attended Iblog were a mix lot and very interested in the topics. A diverse and dynamic group. More monotony next time.

8. I hate the fact that Markku always takes great portraits. And he did it again at Iblog 4. See here.

9. I hate the fact that I was only able to spend a few moments with the bloggers, podcasters and vloggers. There were too many!!

10. I hate the fact that Davao Bloggers - Ria, Andrew, Winston, Migs and Blogie - came in full force. And they accomplished so many things. Hate them!!!

11. I hate the fact that this was probably one of the best Iblogs and it seems everyone enjoyed it

12. I hate the fact that because of all of these things I will find myself going back to IBLOG 5 next year.

I so so hate IBLOG! (^_^)Y

David & Goliath event on the 8th of May … not! its May 6!

Posted in News and Announcements by juned on the April 28th, 2008

I usually buy only a few clothes a year. I am not a dandy nor a fashion plate like my friends. But one learns to appreciate a good shirt - cool, durable and aesthetically pleasing to the eye (in other words pretty).

David & Goliath has an event on the 8th 6th
of May 2008
. Its called Little Losers Blogger Event. Only 80 slots are available.

Do not let the title fool its not serious. Some of the tags one can find on their shirt.

Dont Bolshevik Me
TRUST ME … I am a Liar
Bloggers suckzz

You can sign up here.

See you there on the 6th of May 2008.

Here are the specifics of the event:

Date: May 6, 2008
Time: 8pm
Venue: Mag:net Cafe, Bonifacio High Street
You are cordially invited to join us for a chance to embrace your inner loser.

In a testament to wit, candor and irony, meet David & Goliath’s newest brilliantly satirical horde representing what could be this generations’ biggest pop-culture paradox: being a loser has never been more cool. Expect the clever, tart-tongued graphic misfits to spin itself into fun and games as they prove once and for all that there’s no better time to be a LITTLE LOSER.

Sleeping with the fishes

Posted in News and Announcements by juned on the April 23rd, 2008

The Wrasse fish tank at the Manila Ocean Park

My friends at the Manila Ocean Park have this new event for Summer. It promises to give new meaning to the term Sleeping with the Fishes.

What: A Night In Manila Ocean Park - Sleeping with the Fish
Where: Manila Ocean Park, Behind the Quirino Grandstand, Luneta, Manila
When: April 25, 2008

Background Information:
When day journey visitors have gone home from their visit to Manila Ocean Park, we invite you to join us in a night filled with new discoveries. Gear up, meet your team leaders and get ready to explore the Oceanarium and learn more about conservation through special activities, presentations and speakers.


6:30 ? 7:15 PM

Dinner at the Function Hall

Welcome and introduction to the Sleeping With The Fish event
Break into groups

7:45 ? 9:00PM
Oceanarium Journey and behind the scenes.

9:15 ? 11:00PM
Film Showing

Get ready to sleep with the fishes!!
Take items to sleeping area

Lights out

Wake up and see what the animals do before the guests arrive
Pack up

6:30 ? 7:00AM

End of program

This event is open to families and organized groups such as scouts, church, school, corporations, etc.

Registration cost:
Adult - PhP1,000
Children (8 to 12 years old) - PhP 750.00 (Chaperone is required.)
Yayas* - PhP 600.00

Inclusion: Oceanarium admission, dinner, evening snack, breakfast snack, activities with instructor and behind the scenes areas. *For Yaya?s ? Oceanarium admission, dinner, breakfast snack, activities with instructor and behind the scenes areas.

The Sleeping With the Fish event is available only on the following dates: April 25, May 2, 9, 16 & 23, 2008 at 6:30PM to 7:30AM the following day. Registration is required in order to have a wonderful experience with the fish!

For details, contact Manila Ocean Park at telephone number 567-7777 loc. 152 or email marketing@manilaoceanpark.com