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Pimples, warts and everything

Posted in Blogging & Technology, News and Announcements, Politics and Culture by juned on the December 30th, 2007

Use all your skill to paint my picture truly like me & not flatter me… pimples, warts & everything as you see me - Oliver Cromwell

It is just a few days before the end of the Western New Year a number of bloggers have began to sum up in words, pictures, and sound our chronicle of the year that will soon be not. In our small pond called the Filipino Blogging Community a lot has happened. Events and controversies like blood flowed freely through the body electric of the blogosphere. And bloggers as in our nature try to capture and comment on the events - a good example would be PinoyBlogero’s The Pinoy Blogosphere’s Year End Recap 2007. Let me just add some bit more to The Chronicle of Events.

Several bloggers have been active in the blogosphere often helping or setting up events and activities. And the nice thing about it is that they come in different sizes, shapes, and gender preference. In other words they come from us. They are one of us. And some have been involved in one our two or even three controversies and hot topics. So I will do this in this form , I wish he or she would also be remembered for doing this thing this 2007.

I wish Janette Toral would also be remembered this 2007 for being very supportive of several blogging events this year and not only those attributed to her. To my knowledge Janette has been so supportive of several bloggers that she has started calling her Nanay/Mother.

I wish Jayvee Fernandez would also be remembered this 2007 for being instrumental in the setting up of the Blog & Soul Movement; along with Markku and Joey arranged the Cosplay shoot event; The Blogger’s Food Critique and Photography Class (with Markku); Why I Blog Seminar Series; Alternative Classroom Learning Experience with Bloggers; and the Red Box Bloggers Christmas Party.

I wish Gibbs Cadiz would also be remembered this 2007 for staging - along with PinoyCentric, Manila Gay Guy , and Karla Maquiling, several events that introduced Filipino theatre to several bloggers.

I wish Abe Olandres would also be remembered this 2007 for winning a watershed legal case against him. Its Pinoy Internet history.

I wish Noemi Lardizabal Dado would also be remembered this 2007 for also being supportive of several blogging events. And still find time to handle several other projects.

I wish Manolo Quezon would also be remembered this 2007 for introducing bloggers in his TV show. So now we got to see what Dean Jorge Bocobo looked like.

Lastly, I am sorry if I wax poetical about this and I might have missed some other people or event for that I apologize. This is what I know.

Of Blogging and Fellowship

2007 can also be known as the year Filipino Bloggers went off-line. For the first time there were several occasions where bloggers met face-to-face. And interact. Fellowships were established.

And of course fellowships had different fates.

Look around you. Are you with the same set of people you set out with in the beginning?

Fates and friends. some are fair-weathered by nature or circumstances and some are durable and constant as the North Star. It would not be surprising if the people you were with at the start of this 2007 blogging adventure is not the same set of people -well not altogether. But, hey that is life.

And even if you only one or five durable and constant friends this year, through blogging, it is worth it.

I sum total it has not been a bad year.

Top five reasons you will love or hate the Asus PC 701 EEE

Posted in Politics and Culture by juned on the December 29th, 2007


Just compiling a list of five reason why you will hate or love the Asus EEE. This list depends of course on several factors: (i) Whether you are an EEE owner, (ii) If you are a Mac user, or a PC customer. It also depends if you bought a notebook or planning to buy on or you are going to Taiwan to buy more EEEs. The name itself is wonder it can be annoying or endearing.

1) The EEE is light. You can carry it anywhere: Not advisable but you can carry it with one hand. Go into a restaurant pop it up in a few seconds and type. Put it inside any medium sized bag and not attract attention. carry it with you if you do the rounds. Easy to bring inside a library or in the field. Since its smaller its easier to protect.

2) The EEE is a proper computer. It has a word processor, spreadsheet, database file. The Asus EEE also comes with Wifi and network connectivity. It can surf the Intertnet, play and record videos and audios. At its default settings it is easy to navigate and operate. It even goes on sleep mode.

3) The EEE runs on Linux. Xandros. No high fees for software and no worries that Microsoft is breathing down your neck. There is a third path.

4) The EEE is customizable. You can add softwares and plug-ins. You can also add thumbdrives. You can even change the operating system. And you can add really big stuff to it if you wan to. People have been adding touch screens, blue tooth and other devices.

5) The is reasonably priced. In three months the Asus EEE has sold over 350,000 units and its still selling. People who have seen and learned of the price buy it. Some the next day. And they are coming up with the cheaper models.

Going South and Resiklo

Posted in Arts and Entertainment by juned on the December 29th, 2007


It was the wet most Tuesday of the year and it just happened to be the 26th of December. Jayvee had no car, Lauren did not have anything to do and well me I was more or less free. So on a whim and a fancy we trekked South of Manila in a land that resembled Orange County and where everything seems to be well-groomed and manicured. The new enclaves of the Spanish Mestizos. We picked up Jayvee and proceeded to the mall. The one with the only San Mig Pub still existing.

Lauren: What are we going to watch ?
Juned: Shake, Rattle and Roll …
Jayvee: Resiklo!

A dead calm and a rolling tumbleweed from out of nowhere crossed the street of quaint houses at Tahananan Village.

All: OK !!!

So off the merry bunch went to watch Resiklo. Probably the first Pinoy Post Dooms Day/ Mecha/Alien Invasion Science Fiction movie. Here is the summary of the movie from the website:

2021, the not too distant future. A global devastation that was brought about by an alien invasion has left the whole planet in shambles. In the Philippines, a rag-tag group of survivors strives to survive in a secret sanctuary called ?Paraiso?.

Crisval Sarmiento, an ex-military colonel, is the reluctant leader that defends the whole compound from two threats. That of the Mutanos? or mutated humans serving the insect like alien race (aptly called ?Balangs? by the humans) and the alien invaders themselves. read more. [Source]

Concept wise the movie was OK. It borrowed a lot of elements from a lot of recent and famous Science Fiction movie and placed a Filipino flavour to it. Sitting inside the theatre one got a smorgasboard of homages to the following movies:

Mad Max
Mad Max (Thunderdome)
Battlestar Galactica
Star Wars
The Matrix
Full Metal Alchemist
Robo Jox
The X-Men

There was even several elements of Crouching Tiger and Hidden Dragon. And of course bits and pieces from Tagalog movie save for the dream-empowered dance number.

The movie though was not boring because it is fun to see the Filipino take on all these films. Where can you see the two protagonists fight in the same tractor beam chamber of the Death Star or the melding of Emperor Palapatine’s hood with the uniform of a State Alchemist. Or just to see our version of Thunderdome. Or Ultraman infected by the Alien from Aliens. Its fun. I love it!

The funniest scene were an enemy’s battle spaceship meets its deux et machina in the form of impromptu oxygen or is it acetylene flaming projectiles. SF purist will probably wished they were in the stomach of the Mighty Sarlaccs, where they will be slowly digested in a thousand years, but the movie is a fun watch.

And the special effects and scenes were not bad specially the scenes of the bad guys and from the Alien Mothership, which seemed to be something from Daimos. I am not sure though. As long as everything was in the dark the special effects were ok.

Nice concept, it got lost in the translation, a lot of homages and it may have departed from the original concept. In the end a different creature - but an enjoyable one as well.


Nice wallpaper from the Resiklo site. I specially like inclusion of the Quezon Memorial. A pity they did not include that in the movie. Maybe setting was not in the North.