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Posted in Arts and Entertainment by juned on the November 30th, 2007

It was supposed to be a trip to Batanes but the weather was well a bit temperamental. As they say “the best laid plans of mice and men …”

Then of course there is always Plan B should Plan A fail. So from Batanes we ended up in Boracay. It does give new meaning to the term B2B. At least one goal for the trip was possible. As for the other one well … perhaps in a later post.

So there we were from Batanes to Boracay watching the movie Batanes. Well around half of the movie anyway. Remember the best laid plans phrase, But the movie at least part of it was visually seductive. It was drawing you in like those old sea creatures called the Sirens.

We even did a podcast with Adolf Alix, one of the directors of the film, and Iza Calzado who along with Ken Zhu played the film’s main characters. Here is the podcast hosted by Jayvee.

The film is coming out this week. Based on what I saw it should be at least one enchanting film.

Swan Song to Hotel Coups

Posted in Politics and Culture by juned on the November 30th, 2007

There are certain things in life that must be dealt with and even if it is unpleasant to deal with. It happened just after our B2B trip this week. When we arrived at the Manila Domestic Airport the news was out that Trillanes and General Lim with a motley crew of civilian supporters and military men visited the Manila Peninsula and for the nth time and played the often repeated performance of a Sour Putsch. The decided sweetener to this politcal cocktail was the rallying of the people.

No sweetener and no popular support. And after three Simbas laid waste to the lobby of the hotel which was followed by tear gas being thrown inside. It was after that the fearless leaders decided to surrender so as to avoid bloodshed, I have a nagging suspiscion that the blood, skin and life that they did not want to shed was their own.

If this is going to be the Swan Song of this method of changing leaders and government well it is somehow apt and ironic. It is in plush hotels like this that plots were hatched and almost one of three coup attempts were made. And all of this coup attempts made in the hotels ended up abruptly.

There seems to be a disconnect in the learning curve here somewhere

Adolf Hitler had the Beer Hall Putsch while Trillianes of Manila had the five-star Hotel Coups and before that were the successful religious shrine based “revolution”.

Let us hope that this is the Swan Song. But why did they do this? Is it truly concern? or Is it desperation from being slowly abandoned by their allies?

An eye candy for the day

Posted in Politics and Culture, Snapshots, podcasts and videocasts by juned on the November 27th, 2007


Something from the latest set of rolls that have been developed, scanned and burned into CD. I know I said it before and I will probably say it again but there is nothing like seeing these type of images as one scans one’s latest roll of developed film.

Hopefully, I can take a snap of the Coliseum again at Sunrise. This time with a film camera.


Some minor changes with the blog. The URL of the blog was added to prevent the confusion between Baratillo @ Cubao and Cubao.com. Yes we are Baratillo @ Cubao but we are not Baratillo.com. Somebody got to the name before we did. As the song goes Que Sera Sera Whatever will be will be…

These snapshots and more can be seen at PinoySnapShots.com.