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A Moribund Election Day

Posted in Politics and Culture by juned on the October 30th, 2007

October 29, 2007 would probably go down as the ennui-plagued election in the last five or seven years. In our baranggay there seem to be more political watchers (sometimes complete with the whole family in tow) than voters - a ratio of 10 to 1. So in a sense the voting areas were full.

Of course elections is also time of synchronicity: A time when the community would meet and often those in the community who have no desire to meet … well meet.

(1) Ex-Lovers, Ex-Flames and a series of Exes
(2) Ex-In-Laws
(3) A neighbor you have not seen in a while
(4) The neighbor you fought with over some really silly thing.
(5) Person who owes you money
(6) Worse the person you owe money to

And of course after voting people did a lot of things to kill time, like but not limited to the following activities:

(1) Sleep the whole day
(2) Find creative and innovative ways to break the liquor ban (Really its just a matter of buying the booze and drinking at home or anywhere but on the street.)
(3) Go to work and earn Holiday Pay!
(4) Watch a movie.
(5) Go to the Beach or to the Mountains
(6) Play video or board games.
(7) Listen to music
(8) Dream of the next long weekend, which will happen in two days.
(9) Surf and blog
(10) Meet friends
(11) Do a podcast while inebriated
(12) Monitor the elections

A Night at the Theatre

Posted in Arts and Entertainment, Politics and Culture by juned on the October 29th, 2007

I am happy to report that Theatre is not dead in the Philippines but is does need our help. A few days ago, There I was sitting on the floor along with thirty or so bloggers listening to journalist, teacher, antiques dealer, actor, director and playwright Floy Quintos talk Theatre or more specifically how to look critically at play. But it does not stop there as in all forums probably the best part is when Quintos wax poetical and tells old war stories ( so to speak) from his years in the theatre.

Yes, It was an engaging evening. And it did two things for me. First, It sort of proved that theatre is not dead. Second, It is also a medium that one cannot afford to miss.

Whether it be a play or musical by Peta, Trumpets or Repertory it is a uniques experience. Unlike, a movie that can be viewed again and again a play cannot. Each performance is in a way unique in itself. It is live. It is in front of your eyes. It is verite and abstract. It is a different Animal altogether from film.

It is an experience. And that is what you pay your ticket for some expensive (500 to 1000) and some reasonably priced (100 +++). If you think about it how much does a movie ticket cost today anything from 100 to 500. Its not really far off. And its a live performance whether it be a musical with an extravaganza, a farce or play. It is a powerful display of emotions - which can be loud or subdued, but both effective.

It is an experience.

Kudos goes to Floy Quintos, Gibbs Cadiz, Migs, McVie, Karla, PinoyCentric and everyone and anyone involved with the event.

By the way ….

One of my favorite sidetalks after the event was the discussion how The Sound of Music is probably the most watched and most remembered Musical in the Philippines.

And the remark of Norren to her hubby Arpee after winning the coffee mug heater and a pair of season tickets to Repertory Philippines (Somebody else won two tickets to Avenue Q!):” Nasaan na ang ticket? Mawala ang lahat wag lang ang tickets! (Where are the tickets? You may loose everything except the tickets!)

Theatre is not dead !

All the world’s a stage,
And all the men and women merely players:
They have their exits and their entrances;
And one man in his time plays many parts,

-William Shakespeare, As You Like It

Changes happen inside the Cell

Posted in Blogging & Technology, Politics and Culture by juned on the October 27th, 2007

Last night, I slept soundly and quite early. It has been a every eventful week really for me. However, like any talk let us first dispense with the business at hand and get rid of it. Then we can go back to our discussion. AND our little meandering will take us again into the realm of politics - with the Pardon of Estrada. I will try to keep it short and to the point:


If you are tired of politics skip this paragraph.

Estrada or Erap’s pardon was inevitable in terms of the politics. And frankly pundits nor political analysts should not be surprised at the lukewarm reception of the people as a whole. The political class again proved their inate ability to do political contortions to save their own collective hides. And which is why then it is also not surprising to see the new man politicians being welcomed by a lot of people.


With that over let us go back to our talk. Where were we? Oh yes. It has been quite an eventful week. And one reason for this was I participated in the first part of a project that aims to spread the use of blogs and blogging to more people. This is a project of the Blog & Soul Movement. This is of course not the first and only activity of this kind we have seen. But it is a project of ours, the volunteers of the Blog & Soul Movement. Why do I think this is important and in certain respects more worthwhile than watching the inevitable and tedious play of power between one political class?

One, It is a way of spreading the word. And hopefully doing some significant changes - changes at the cellular level of our society.

Two, It also enable more people to use blogs and blogging in society.

Three, It is the perfect medium for writers, teachers and historians.

But why?

If our society was an animal and all the recent political and social changes that we have been making is cosmetic. Changes in government and leaders is quiet effective as dying the animal’s hair orange or electric pink. Nice but has zero efficacy.

Changes happen and significant changes at the cellular level. And who are the cells of Filipino Society? Us. I noticed talking and engaging in conversation with a person is ten times more effective than marshalling forces.

I strongly believe that conversation and interaction with individuals is much more important.

One Cell at a time: One Person at a time

And that is why I like the Why I blog Project of the Blog & Soul Movement. First, It is one of the ways can do changes or attempt to do changes at the cellular level. Second, It also allows you to learn from those you are conversing with irregardless of political affiliations.Third, It balances out perceptions and stereotypes of bloggers. Fourth, Spreading the word about blogging was fulfilling. A selfish reason I know but it cannot be helped.

I can safely that Jayvee and Arpee, those who joined this event, came home more than pleased … ok fullfilled.