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Posted in Politics and Culture by juned on the May 31st, 2007

We seldom do toasts today. Well not the verbose part of the toasts anyway : I mean we still do toasts but more limited physical gesture of raising the cup and cheering. A toast consists of three things (i) the verbalization, (ii) the agreement of all present, and then the (iii) imbibing/drinking - which seals the toast. While the latter two parts are still there the first part seems to have shrunk back to the single word form. Alas the win seems to have died down on the sails of bravado .


Question time

Posted in Politics and Culture by juned on the May 30th, 2007

An interview from Jayvee. I think it is a form of meme. Instead of being tagged you asked to be tagged by the last interviewee.A twist in the usual tag posts mechanics. So here is the interview:

1) If you were to start a dissertation on the mating habits of the hippopotamus, how would the first paragraph look?

Obaysch was an island in the White Nile. It was also the name of Hippopotamus that Abbas Pasha ,the Viceroy of Egypt, exchanged with the British Consul General Sir Charles Augustus Murray (who because of this later became known as Hippotamus Murray) for some greyhounds and deerhounds. Obaysch became a popular attraction of the London Zoo. One of the highlight of his stay was his pairing of with Adhela and a few years later the birth of his daughter named Guy Fawkes. However, Interesting this hippopotamii coupling and production of progeny there are still things in the life of this pachyderm that needs be discovered. The Hippopotamuses ( scientific name Hippopotamus amphibius, meaning water horse) lives in groups of up to forty individuals called bloat and can live up to forty to fifty years. Considering the size and nature of these pachyderm it comes to surprise that not much of their life can be revealed. Jacques-Yves Cousteau (1979) attempted to film the hippos up close and ended up with a busted camera, which could resist the water pressure of the deep sea but not the impact of a Hippo’s foot. The Hippos are considered one of the most dangerous animals in Africa (Livingstone, 19–) killing more humans than the Lion or the crocodile. The danger to any hippo observer studying the sexual mating behavior of the Hippo is to have an terminal encounter with one.

2) How many bloggers can you fit inside a phone booth?

None. No wifi, no DSL and no room to comfortably to blog or have EBs in. Plus phone booths that are actually booths , which is four-side booth one can close and make a call, do not exist here. Unless it is Dr Who’s Tardis, but then again, strictly speaking, it is not phone booth but a police box and we are talking about a time/space ship from science fiction. However, It would be fun to have a blog bash at Tardis, even if it is work of fiction.

3) You have the rare opportunity to draw in 1,000,000 unique visitors to your blog for one day and one day only. What would you post on that day? Just this:

What I learned so far in life
Life in this world is imperfect
However, It is no excuse to give up
Real revolution is an enlightened mind
Revolutionaries are those with improved character
Emancipation is individual
True change happens at the cellular level
Do not panic needlessly
Panic when it is helpful
Like when climbing up a tree for safety
Especially if a carnivore sees you as dinner
Always say Good Day and Thank You
Smile it helps

4) Describe yourself in the form of a haiku.

The last Haiku I did was in Grade 8. It was one of those exercises we did in English. Here goes one haiku ala Sonido.

Sunset mango on a plate …
Onyx-haired Cat that just ate
Snorlax in cyberspace

5) If you weren’t blogging now, what would you use as a medium to express your passions?

I would probably do the following: (i) Engage people in conversations. It is one effective and inexpensive way to learn and share things. (ii) Probably practice in being a raconteur, a storyteller. Mind you the operative word here is practice and hopefully become skilled in telling stories. Storytelling is one of the best ways to deliver a point and entertain. (iii) The saying a picture is worth a thousand words is quite valid and maybe another medium to express one’s passion is by taking snapshots and doodling. (iv) Lastly, perhaps, keep a journal of commentaries and observations. Its a private log that will most likely be read or discovered retrospectively.


If you want to be interviewed just leave a comment here.

Snapshots: Fun

Posted in Politics and Culture by juned on the May 29th, 2007


Has the camera bug caught you? What do you prefer film or digital? Do you like playing around with the picture using photoshop or gimp? Whatever one prefers. Whatever one professes to be. It is the love of capturing the moment that drive people to pick up the camera and shoot. I am not professional photographer: just your garden variety amateur photographer. Taking snapshots is one of theĀ  pastimes that I enjoy. And because we have film and digital cameras the fun just geometrically increased. Maybe this is why I like keeping a photoblog and a flickr account. What follows are the reasons why taking snapshots are fun and some examples of snapshots taken with digital and film cameras - a digital ixus, a Leicaflex SL , a fisheye2, and a Olympus XA1.