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Political and Social Commentary Blogs

Posted in Politics and Culture by juned on the February 28th, 2007

George Orwell or Eric Blair is probably known to most of us as the writer of the dystopian novel 1984 and political fable The Animal Farm. On those works alone Orwell will probably be well-remembered. Like most writers he has a great body of work both essays and stories worth a read. One of my favourite had to be about the shooting of an elephant and another was when he tackled the main reasons why he wrote. A worthwhile read and better left to be read in its whole as most things are. Orwell cites ego, the need to point out thing or to bring things to light, to beautify, to record things for posterity, and to persuade. Before I got into this business called blogging, the main source of news for me was the newspaper, tv and radio. Today, It still is … although I find myself more and more reading the newspaper, video, and audio on-line.

Snapshots and interesting photographers

Posted in Snapshots, podcasts and videocasts by juned on the February 27th, 2007

Maybe it is because of my nephews, there is a drive to informally chronicle the family’s children, or maybe because of incidental travels or maybe because taking snaps has become quite economical, or maybe because an old family camera was discovered, or perhaps a newly acquired and somewhat zany camera. Perhaps its all of these factors that the pastime of taking snapshots has taken up my interest. Still it has been an interesting pastime and a survey of on-line articles about taking snapshots has its own rewards in terms of knowledge and trivia.

The Last King of Scotland

Posted in Arts and Entertainment by juned on the February 23rd, 2007

Finally! The Last King of Scotland began its run at the local theatres last Wednesday. Although, it is a limited run: The film is shown only in two cinemas, Greenbelt and Glorietta, in Metro Manila. The same thing happened with the film adaptation of Alan Benett’s The History Boys. A wise move - people who want to experience these critically acclaimed films would be more than willing to pay for the ticket. As long as it is reasonable priced, not over one hundred fifty pesos. Then again if it reaches way over two hundred pesos per person at least should come with bundled services and items - Like Cinema 10 at Gateway or the premiere theatre at the Shang. The film shows the story of Idi Amin through the eyes of a young Scottish Doctor. The Last King of Scotland takes many liberties with the story of Idi Amin, fortunately the acting and cinematography is powerful enough to make the experience worthwhile.