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Of Babel and Museums

Posted in Arts and Entertainment by juned on the January 31st, 2007

The first Inarritu film I watched was Amores Perros. I only learned this after watching Inarritu’s latest film Babel. Babel takes place in four different places and in different times. A gossamer thread exsists that links the four stories in the film and the identification of this thread is one of the reasons the film leaves an impression on its viewer - a visceral and creeping unease that makes one glued to the screen and anxious to see where it this will lead you. There is a growing sense of foreboding, a despondent aura, that envelops the viewer of the film and at certain point in the film one feels as if the need to shout at one of the characters in the film. This must be the feeling of the fans of the late Action Movie King Fernando Poe Jr in the South when they shot the silver screen whenever their celluloid hero got beaten up in the movie. Its not for everyone but it is a powerful and again I say it is a visceral film that could only be watched once.

An incident with bloggers and a lift near midnight

Posted in Snapshots, podcasts and videocasts by juned on the January 29th, 2007

Inside an elevator
Or as we call it here in the Philippines an elevator. As narrated by Elber this happened just after the blogger bash last January 27 before midnight. Unfortunately, the only physical witness to this event is a piece of reactive film exposed to the light inside the elevator. More pictures taken from the event can be found (i) here snapshots taken with a fisheye lens (ii)here.

Some shots from Blog Parteeh 07

Posted in Politics and Culture by juned on the January 28th, 2007

Some snapshots from the Blog Parteeh last Saturday. I am still waiting for some more shots to come n and hopefully be able to transfer the video to cd soon. Met up with a number of bloggers we met during the blog convention and the Christmas EB. And more importantly met a lot of new ones, although I fear I sort of bored a number of them to death whenever we talked. Still despite ,my tendency to induce a phase-out whenever I talked to someone the event was a success. Plus, aside from the promised deliverables promised there were a couple of pleasant surprises in the program.