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Reming (Durian) is coming to town

Posted in Politics and Culture by juned on the November 30th, 2006

It was just too hot the past few days. One of the guys was mentioning it when Durian or Reming was shown on CNN as it passed its way in the Pacific Ocean - on its way to the Philippines. Maybe he just had some sixth sense about the weather that made him think the immediate past sunny days were heralding the coming of this super typhoon. Maybe its too late to offer some eggs at Santa Clara to ensure good weather. The Monastery of Saint Clara , formerly along Aurora now relocated to Katipunan avenue due to LRT2 line, was the place to go if one wanted a sunny day. All one had to do was offer some egg and a prayer. The practice is quite popular for those who are just about to get married - to ensure a sunny day on your wedding day. I always wonder what the good sisters of the monastery would do with the eggs and someone told me they used the eggs to bake bread for the poor. Surely with all the eggs donated it has been used for one or two or more good deeds over the years.


Posted in Arts and Entertainment by juned on the November 26th, 2006

A comedy that will leave you laughing in your seat or propel you to the exit. The film’s full title is Borat: Cultural Learnings of America for Make Benefit Glorious Nation of Kazakhstan. A comedy from actor comedian Sacha Baron Cohen and film makerJay Roach. Cohen created the Kazakstan-TV reporter Borat Sagadiev an Eastern European who has a knack of bludgeoning the English language and is probably the most politically incorrect (among other things he is a misanthrope,misogynist, anti-semite, and a homophobe ) and socially inept reporter in the world. We see the adventures of Borat in a documentary that introduces us to his hometown and records his adventures in the United States. Watch as Cohen, through Borat, takes a sledgehammer of humor and redefines comedy. An unscripted picaresque mockumentary that not only humors and shocks but also reveals something about human nature, something similar to the mirrors we can encounter in fun houses - a funny and distorted reflection of ourselves.

The next part may contain some (sort of) spoilers.

Max Soliven and the Undiscovered Country

Posted in Politics and Culture by juned on the November 25th, 2006

newspaperman, Martial Law Detainee, a FBI (Full Blooded Ilocano), Raconteur, and Filipino. Good bye Max ! Thanks for the stories.

Max Soliven passed away last Friday, 24th of November 2006.

The undiscovered country from whose bourn no traveler returns.
- William Shakespeare