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Day 2 after Milenyo aka Xangsane

Posted in Politics and Culture by juned on the September 30th, 2006

Gateway Mall is full of people. No. Gateway Mall is full to the brim with people. No. Gateway Mall is almost like a sardine can filled up with people. Today is second day after the tropical storm Xangsane or Milenyo visited the Philippines. In its wake it has destroyed and changed lives. Trees uprooted, people dead, houses destroyed, bill board adds crumpled like tin foil, the power and telecommunication grid disrupted. As I am writing this there are still parts of Metro Manila and Luzon that have no electricity, water, or any communication coverage.

Gaiman and Anansi Boys

Posted in Readings by juned on the September 30th, 2006

The first time I read Neil Gaiman’s writing was when he penned the stories DC’s Sandman. Gaiman’s wrote a refreshing retake on the comic book hero. Gaiman came up with the stories of the Endless, being neitheir god or men, but were the epitome of Dream, Destiny, Desire, Delirium (formerly Delight), Despair, Destruction, and Death.

More Milenyo or Xangsane snapshots

Posted in Snapshots, podcasts and videocasts by juned on the September 29th, 2006

Some more snapshots taken after the tropical storm Milenyo or Xangsane. Included in the picture are fallen trees, debris on the road, a shot of the “terminal” billboard along Edsa (which was the cause of traffic jam from Makati to Edsa and parts beyond), an upturned truck just near the building.