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A pond in Cubao

Posted in Snapshots, podcasts and videocasts by juned on the July 31st, 2006

Change is the constant thing in life. Intramuros was a Tagalog Kingdom before the Spaniard Conquistador Martin de Goiti evicted the inhabitants across the Pasig River to Tondo. The Spaniards occupancy of Intramuros was briefly interrupted by the British Invasion and displaced by American naval forces under the command of Dewey. After surviving the liberation of Manila, Intramuros survived to become a tourist destination and its moat into a golf course. And change does occur everywhere. Even in Cubao. This place was once a poblacion that Andres Bonificio and company (AKA KKK - Kataastaasang, Kagalanggalangang Katipunan ng mga Anak ng Bayan stopped by enroute to Balara.) During World War II, the Japanese sent a detachment to guard the radio station. And a few years ago an Elephant escaped from the Elephant enclosure inside Araneta Center, Cubao. The elephant decided to cross Aurora and went for a walk towards GMA7. The rambling pachyderm stopped near GMA 7 and its mamut brought it bak to enclosure. The Elephants left and after sometime the enclosure, which is right across SM Cubao, was turned into an FX waiting station.


Another Pacquiao Sunday

Posted in Snapshots, podcasts and videocasts by juned on the July 29th, 2006

I was checking up some of my old photos for the past two months and discovered this snapshot of the second Pacquiao Sunday. Some people went to the Araneta Coliseum to watch. Some went to SM Cinema to watch as well. Others stayed at home and endured the commercial extravaganza with the Pacquiao Boxing Match breaks. Others got the news quicky via rss or by checking an updated page … web page on the Internet. Still other had to be content with watching it on the window display of the nearest appliance store. They were probably on their way home or to another place when they caught site of the match. This particular shop is located along Aurora Boulevard and part of the old Aurora Arcade.

Uses of Humor and some comedy shows

Posted in Politics and Culture by juned on the July 28th, 2006

I am the type of person who can enjoys a daily dose of loony tune cartoon or a thirty minute comedy program. Maybe from time to time enjoy a stand-up routine. Every weekend watch a comedy film. At the least find something funny about contemporary events in the Philippines - its not really that hard most of the newsmakers in the land provide enough fuel to fan the flame of humor. And probably another reason is that we the present state of the world we live in if we do not learn to laugh we just might learn to cry.

Maybe …

In Umberto Eco’s book Name of the Rose one of the pivotal items in the book was Aristotle’s lost work on Comedy. Why this book would be of interest to several monks is an interesting story. Why is Comedy important? The answer to that question may be discerned if the uses of humor were made concrete and specific. Why a sense of humor is needed to survive in this world.