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Creatures, mutants, and templar knights

Posted in Arts and Entertainment by juned on the May 30th, 2006

Friday is usually movie day for me, especially if I was going to watch a film that you were not supposed to bring your kids too or a film that may bore your kids. Ironically, last Friday I actually watched a film made for kids, the cartoon Over the Hedge. The last X-Men movie has started its commercial run last Wednesday and I was quite sure that my nephews would want to see the penultimate film of the X-Men trilogy, influenced perhaps by The Lord of the Ring films?


The ABC of Fact Checking

Posted in Readings by juned on the May 24th, 2006

Several months ago I was able to buy this book entitled The Fact Checker’s Bible. I have often been fascinated with the work of a fact checker ever since it was featured in the comedy series Herman’s Head. I thought checking out facts for a living … What a nice job! I often thought, as the years progressed, where were the fact checkers? Do all newspapers or publications have one or a team fact checkers? Do they call them fact checkers? Then while taking up Library Science in college I discovered that one of the services offered by the library was reference service. And I thought this must probably t he closest thing to fact checking there was, at least in the Philippines. Then along came former New Yorker fact checker and New York Times Magazine Head of checking Sarah Harrison Smith and her book.


Da Vinci Code and the Last Laugh

Posted in Arts and Entertainment by juned on the May 23rd, 2006

After a number of personalities (who seemed to have at the moment adopted uber-conservative attitudes towards the fil the Da Vinci Code) were able to boost the marketing efforts of the film distributors resulting in long queues of people in cinema houses, I was able to watch the film. As I mentioned before I never read Dan Brown’s novel and perhaps this spared me from agony of comparing the book to the film. I guess in terms of thrillers I prefer Umberto Eco’s Name of the Rose, although something more related Brown’s book would be Foucault’s Pendulum, by virtue of the Knights of the Temple of Solomon. Still more interesting discussions about the Holy Grail could be viewed on the Discovery Channel and read through other books. But I am meandering away from the movie.