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V for Vendetta paperback 4 SALE

From the Land of  Do As You Please ….
V for Vendetta (Paperback)
by Alan Moore and David Lloyd

No its not a novel. It is a Graphic Novel. A little bit different from the movie of Hugo Weaving and Natalie Portman but it’s a worthwhile read.
4 Sale 4 only 500 Philippine Pesos

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Opinion articles and the positive effect of accidental humor

Several years ago, when Apple meant the fruit and when BPI had paper ATM cards I encountered a friend who was spewing invectives against the phantom of a columnist. It seemed that the columnist while doing his usual tirade made an error as to what really made  a proof, alcoholic proof is the amount of […]

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A Statue in San Agustin: One of the Saints or Is It an Angel or Both?

St Michael the Archangel defeating the devil. Well, I think is of course minus the spear and devoid of wings. Probably kept somewhere safe. San Agustin Church and Museum lost a 300 year old Santo Nino (Child Jesus) statue last year. One of the places in Manila one should visit. It is one of the […]

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