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The Bad, The Good, and the Feathery

Posted in Arts and Entertainment by juned on the August 31st, 2005

During the weekend I was able to catch some good stuff and some of the really awful stuff on television, dvd and on the silver screen.

First, the bad thing

Local entertainment shows are scrapping the bottom when during their one hour show one of their main features is the emotional stress and scandal caused by an actress chain smoking!

TV presentors throwing impartiality to the wind and declaring congressmen who share their interests as heroes.

And now the good stuff

I saw a re-run of Miami Vice on cable. This particular episode had Phil Collins playing a con-man who found himself involved in an investigation of the Miami Vice against,what else?, a cocaine dealer. The story also has a young Kyra Sedgewick as the girl/pusher of the cocaine dealer.

Adventures of Miami Vice was a big hit during the 1980s. The pastel coloured and espadrilled shoed duo Crockett and Tubbs entertained us with drugs, prostitutions, crooks and cops from the pastel and neon laden land of Miami Florida. It was a good series and not only was the story focused on the pastel duo but from time to time the story fanned out the members of the vice squad and their informers. Sure today people will not be caught dead in pastel colored clothes and espadrilles, do they still make espadrilles. But watching the show is a pleasant experience. The music ain’t that bad. The clothes though. Well the espadrilles though still looked nice.

I was also able to view the 1st season of Numb3rs, this is not a typo and it is read as Numbers. Detective and crime fighter shows have been a staple of TV. Whatever TV generation you might belong to you will always remember the detective and crime tv shows. Everybody remembers Charlie’s Angels. But do you remember any of the following shows:

Rockford Files
Streets of San Francisco
The Equalizer
Remmington Steele
Scarecrow and Mrs King
Hart to Hart
Murder She Wrote

If you do then You have been actively watching tv shows since the 1970s. Shows come and ago. In the genre of crime/detective shows the flavour of the moment seems forensic investigation and profiling. There are as many CSI shows as there are reality shows, ok not that many but enough even to satiate the interest of forensic and information junkies.

Then this series comes along. Numb3rs stars Rob Morrow (who hit gold with another series entitled Northern Exposure as the whining Dr Joel Fleischman in the quirky but endearing town of Cicily, Alaska), David Krumholtz, Judd Hirsh (Taxi, a classic sitcom with Danny Devito and ), Michael Nichols and others. When I initially viewed the first few minutes of the first episode it would seem like it was copycat of CSI. Then the show took a different turn. Morrow plays FBI agent Eppes who taps the expertise of his brother (Krumholtz) to solve crimes. Incidentally Krumholtz or Charlie Eppes, a university professor, is a math genius. It is an interesting show in that it shows the use of mathematical and scientific principles in solving crime. The show is also interesting because it develops each character as it goes along.

Along came Valiant, twice!

I was also able to catch the cartoon film Valiant, twice a day before my dental operation with a friendly “fiend”(who has to learn to temper his movie tastes with that of his girlfriend, so that they can both watch the film together) and again two days after my operation with my nephews. The latest cartoon to hit Manila, a pidgeons versus Falcons during World War II flick. The film was co-produced by Ealing Studio, the outfit responsible for a lot of Alec Guiness comedies, like Kind Hearts and Coronets and the original (and definitely more funny) Ladykillers. Its nice to see Ealing alive and kicking.

Unfortunately, the movie itself was barely alive and kicking. It was your regular fare of cartoon that provided nothing new. The visuals though were stunning. My nephews and I watched it at one of the cinemas at the Promenade in Greenhills. The nice thing about that cinema was they had special cushions for children. However, the screen seem to close to the chairs and the best view was to be at the back, especially if you have kids.

Book from the past

Posted in Readings by juned on the August 31st, 2005


Can you guess whose signature is on that book cover? Well it is the book cover. Found this book in our library a few years ago.

A book written by, or for, the Apo, Ferdinand Marcos.

I do not recall reading this book. Might pore over it one of these days.

Sungka, DVD at Iba pa

Posted in Politics and Culture by juned on the August 31st, 2005

Many lunar cycles ago while attending mass at Greenhills. I chanced upon this piece at one of the furniture stall, the ones that sell modern antiques. It had a lot of interesting stuff made from wood. When I saw this piece I immediately bought it.I though my nephews would love this. I recall playing this game with my older cousin but I never really got the hang of it.

sunka flr

Sungka also known as Congklak and Dakon in South East Asia, in particular Indonesia, Malaysia and the Philippines. It is a mancala game. The name “Congklak” comes from the Indonesian name for cowrie shells, which are often used as pieces.

sunka blue

They say that playing the game develops the mind in terms of math and social skills. I do not know if that is true, but I enjoy playing it with my nephews.

sunka maroon

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