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Rallies… schmallies

Posted in Politics and Culture by juned on the June 30th, 2005

This morning as I checked my email I received an email detailing a supposed rally ng bayan (nationwide rally) against GMA (Philippine President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo, We Filipinos are fond using acronym for our leaders). First got wind of the rally a few weeks ago when two individuals were arrested and charged with vandalism. They were posting anti-GMA posters, a photo of GMA superimposed with medusa’s snake (equating GMA with a fantasy soap opera super-empowered villain called Valentina - a distant relative of Medusa), and unfortunately for them the charges against them were elevated to sedition, because the content of the posters urged the people to bring down the present government.

Here is the full e-mail message I received:


Sa HUNYO 30, lumabas tayo sa kalsada. Mag-ingay at magmartsa.

Magprotesta para wakasan ang krisis at kahirapan. Magprotesta para
wakasan ang rehimen ni Gloria.

Mag protesta laban sa walang tigil na pagtaas ng presyo ng langis,
kuryente at tubig. Magprotesta laban sa VAT.

Magprotesta para ibaba ang presyo ng breadsticks.

Magprotesta laban sa kawalan ng pampublikong serbisyo. Magprotesta para
palayain ang bayan sa utang.

Magprotesta laban sa kawalan ng trabaho, mababang sweldo, at palpak na
repormang agraryo.

Magprotesta laban sa deregulasyon, liberalisasyon at pribatisasyon.
Magprotesta laban sa imperyalistang globalisasyon.

Mga kababayan. Hindi lang ang jueteng at pandaraya sa eleksyon ang
kasalanan ni Gloria sa mamamayan. Si Gloria rin ang naglugmok sa atin sa
patuloy na krisis at kahirapan.

Sa ganitong mga batayan, ang rehimeng Arroyo ay dapat wakasan!


Magtipon tipon ng 4:30 ng hapon at lumahok sa NOISE BARRAGE, 6:00 ng
gabi sa mga lugar na ito:

June 30 National Day of Protest
4:30 – 6:00 pm

Choke Points:

Ø Quezon City: Cubao-Aurora Blvd., Timog Circle, SM Fairview, Philcoa
or Quezon City Hall, and Welcome Rotonda

Ø Manila: Quiapo, and SM Centerpoint

Ø Caloocan: Monumento

Ø Makati City: Ayala Ave.

Ø Muntinlupa: Alabang

Ø Paranaque: Sucat

Ø Taguig: Bicutan, Maharlika

Ø Rizal: Cainta Junction

Ø Bulacan: Malinta Exit, and Tungko

Para sa dagdag na kaalaman, makipag-ugnayan sa Freedom from Debt
Coalition, telephone numbers 921-1985, 9246399 or sa mobile phone number
0920-9054576 (pakihanap si Dinah, Maris, or Job

Basically its all encompassing protest against everything GMA, VAT, High Oil prices, Low wages, failure of Agrarian reform, lack of public service, national debt and almost every problem in the Philippines. Its a pity they are not rallying against sensationalism of issues, departure from emotional appeal by politicians, and for the right mix of ice for each soda drink served.

I wonder how many people will go.

Thank you, but I will not.

I think my country where I live and have no intention to leave has suffered enough from this type of political mob rule - swayed by emotions and short-sightedness. We actively participated during the first EDSA and it took years of rallies and genuine issues to topple Marcos. And what have we got from it? An unstable democracy that destroy whatever economic gains accumulated in order to impose a group of people’s point of view. Voltaire had the right phrase this type of politics, a mob rats.

Sorry, I think I will just go home and go on with my life. I have no itention of becoming cannon fodder.

GMA’s mea culpa: reactions from the usual gang of

Posted in Politics and Culture by juned on the June 29th, 2005

Today in the Philippines 29 June 2005:

1) Groups demanding Gloria to resign -

People clamoring for the President’s resignation:

We have Brother Eddie Villanueva - Lost in the last Presidential election
We have Sen Raul Roco - Lost in the last Presidential election
We have Congressman Francis Ecudero - His presidential candidate FPJ lost in the last Presidential election and died.
We have Makati Mayor J Binay - His presidential candidate FPJ Lost in the last Presidential election and died.
We have the cause oriented groups - They are always against those in power. I wonder what will happen when get real power. Let’s see they were anti-GATT, anti-VAT, anti-Erap and now Anti-Gloria.

So who are these groups calling for Arroyo to resign? The same people seeking her ouster from office from the beginning of her term.

Its nice to see different people uniting for the ouster of a president. Problem is such alliances are as solid as air and as permanent as the morning dew.

2) First Gentleman voluntary leaving the Philippines -

Mike Arroyo to be exiled. This should have been done 1st day of her Presidency. Maybe it should be a law. I hope he drags his brother and son away as well.

3) Congressman Roilo Golez quits KAMPI -

Is this the case of ratsleaving the sinking ship of Iggy Arroyo, Mikee Arroyo and Reynaldo Puno’s Pro-GMA congressional party. By the way GMA is still part Lakas-NUCD. Must be a dark sky for fair-weathered allies.

Speaking of political entities. The recent weeks has seen the Philippine politics version of George Romero’s Night of the Living Dead. Political Zombies have been reappearing an haunting prime time. Oliver Lozano non-winning political candidate and KBL-affiliated gadfly is back filing the impeachment case against Gloria in the lower house, Unido-KBL-Trillanes fan Homo Bono Adaza is also back, and so is Mr Ronald Lumbao. Now we just Eddie Gil, at least Gil amuses.

4) ABS-CBN -

Is it me or is the coverage of ABS-CBN is adapting an overt anti-GMA stance? Whatever happened to impartial news coverage. Six feet under the ground along with public service. It seems that what matters most now is the ratings and vested political interests.

Filipino bookworms ranked no 3

Posted in Politics and Culture, Readings by juned on the June 29th, 2005

Everyday I read a couple of articles from the websites of Philippine newspapers and media outfits. To get the facts out in this country you really have to read two or accounts of the event from the different media entities. Today as I was perusing the Philippine Inquirer I came across an article a few rows below the PGMA-related articles. Alcuin Papa reported that a survey conducted by the global market research organization NOP World .

The following link will take you to INQ7.net :
Filipinos No. 3 among world’s bookworms

The NOP World Culture Score index was a survey of taken from December 2004 to February 2005 and the study involved 30,000 consumers above the age of 13 from 30 countries.

On a weekly basis, Filipinos spend an average of 7.6 hours reading books, newspapers and magazine. Beating the Americans, who came in 23rd with 5.7 hours, and the British ,who spent 5.3 hours and were ranked 26th. The Japanese spent 4.1 hours and the Koreans who spent 3.1 hours. Indian bookworms came out on top with 10.7 hours while the Chinese came in second with eight hours.

NOP analysts explained that self-help and inspirational reading may explain India’s high figures.

In the same survey, Filipinos came in second as the top tv watchers in the world. According to the survey, Filipinos on weekly basis spend on the average 21 hours watching the telly. Our neighbors the Thais spend at least 22.4 hours a week in front of the boob tube.

And the Taiwanese spend the most time after work surfing the Internet. They spend at least 12.6 hours each day in front of the computer. We on the other hand, again according to the survey spend on the average 9.8 hours, the article was not clear whether this figure is a daily or weekly average.

So Filipinos also came in as top TV watchers. This is sort of paradoxical since it was suggested that time spent on reading meant fewer hours in front of the TV set and listening to the radio. So how do you reconcile this? Interesting findings.

It would also have been interesting to find out what was the predominant reading material or reading material of choice: books, newspapers, magazines or others.

In our old class in Philippine publishing it was revealed that missalette was the most read and published periodical. This was of course a few years ago. Things might have change by now.