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Early Morning

Posted in Politics and Culture by juned on the March 31st, 2005

Holy Wednesday in the financial district.
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One of the sights that I see on my way to work. Makati is actually quite peaceful early in the morning.

Comic Book: Cargo

Posted in Politics and Culture, Readings by juned on the March 29th, 2005

Comic Book: Cargo
Posted by: juned.

I once worked with my friend to produce a comic book for his undergrad thesis. Well here it is. The cover at least.
Met my friend Jomar a week ago and we talked about doing it again. Who knows.

Easter Monday

Posted in Politics and Culture by juned on the March 28th, 2005

After leaving the internet cafe last saturday I suddenly realised that the article I posted entitled Black Saturday was actually about Good Friday. Blimey!

Anyway today is Easter Monday. The day after yesterday. The day before yesterday I went to the grocery to replenish my stuff and then passed by the internet cafe to check my email and post some stuff.

I had to do this because surfing the web through dial up is extremely and painfully slow. Also I had to check my email frequently since i had altered my profile in the egroups to receive posts via emai. One of the e-groups I belong to had been reclassified as an adult-only group causing it to be blocked by the office firewall. So here I am in the cafe typing away. After spending all day opposite a monitor at the office.

Black Saturday afternoon my nephews and spent the later afternoon meandering in and out the UP sunken garden. There were a lot of people about: some were flying kites , some were having a picnic, and some were preparing a cart for the pasalubong and some like us were just rambling along.

Easter Sunday …

Went to church and prepared for Monday.



Half day!!


Go home early and stop by the cafe and write this down.