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Iblog 5: Why?

Posted in Events/Announcements, blogging by juned on the March 24th, 2009

Ismed: The first Iblog. I knew no one then. The phrase, “Hi My Name is Mike Abundo of was repeated several times through the day. During the day, interesting talks were given by Kutitots, Dean Alfar, and Connie Veneracion.

And I also met a lot of other bloggers like Von and Zarah.

This was IBlog Year 1. The succeeding Iblogs came and I went. Learned from a number of speakers, entertained by a similar number, challenged by a few and frankly fell asleep with a few. And I also met and became friends with a number of bloggers through the years.

I was also lucky to have been a moderator for podcasting and speaker for photoblogging at Iblog 3 and 4. More luckier I think (and I repeat this again) I met a host interesting people and made friends.

So what are the reasons to go to Iblog 5?

1. Learn
2. Be Entertained
3. Make friends


So here we are IBLOG 5

WHAT: IBlog5: The 5th Philippine Blogging Summit
WHEN: 8:00 to 5:00 PM, 09 May 2009
WHERE: Malcolm Theater, UP College of Law, UP Diliman,
NOTE: Registration is for FREE

More details about IBlog 5:

This is the schedule for the day but it is still subject to revisions. Will update as soon as we finalize this.

Morning session: (some can be sponsored talk)

* 9:00 - 9:20 Blogging 101 (Micaela Rodriguez & sponsor slot)
* 9:30 - 9:50 Photo Blogging 101 (Faith Salazar and Fritz Tentativa)
* 10:00 - 10:15 Break
* 10:15 to 10:35 Video Blogging 101 (Azrael Coladilla)
* 10:45 - 11:05 Mobile Blogging 101 (sponsor slot)
* 11:15 - 11:35 Do’s and Don’ts of Blogging 101 (Benj Espina and Juned Sonido)
* 11:45 - 12:05 Blog Promotion & Traffic Generation Strategies 101 (Winston Almendras and Coy Caballes)
* 12:05 - 1:00 Lunch break

Afternoon session:

* 1:00 - 1:20 Legal issues in Blogging
* 1:30 - 2:30 Preparing Bloggers for the 2010 Elections
- COMELEC on Blogging & Bloggers
- Citizen Journalism for the 2010 Elections (Oliver Robillo, NAMFREL Chairman - Davao City)
- The Bloggers Election Handbook project release (Janette Toral)
* 2:40 - 3:30 Blog Advertising Situation in the Philippines (Yehey and 2 sponsors)
* 3:30 - 3:45 Break
* 3:45 - 4:45 Blogging to the Next Level (Fitz Villafuerte and another speaker)
* 4:45 - 5:00 Raffle & Group picture taking

The Eraserheads and Free Tickets

Posted in Arts and Entertainment, Beer, Events/Announcements by juned on the March 2nd, 2009

It never ceases to amaze me how popular the Eraser Heads are and how motivated fans are in getting concert tickets for their latest concert. For the past months I have seen officemates saving money to buy tickets. I know of a couple who postponed their trip and gave up their airline tickets to watch the concert.

This is nothing new during his day whenever Franz Liszt fans , I use the term here quite liberally for during Liszt’s the word fan was used in a different context, would fight over his silk hankies and velvet gloves shredding them to pieces for souvenirs. Women would shriek and the piano concerts of Liszt would always be filled to the brim or Standing Room Only.

This was describe as Lisztomania.

And this was 1800s before the Great War or World War I.

So now here in our little corner of the world. DO we have E-head mania? Perhaps … but one thing is sure at least from my perspective they play good music. And at least for me their early work.

This might be good news for Eraserhead fans who still want to get tickets and even for free.

As you count down the days till the concert two options have come up if you want to get a ticket.

Method One:

Pre-register and invite at least 20 signups at Top 500 referrers will get 2 bronze tickets

Check out Jayvee’s post here

Method Two:

Go to the San Miguel Pale Pilsen Summer Babad concert launch on March 6 and get a chance to win 6 tickets.

Check out Melo’s post.

More information about San Miguel’s Summer Babad Events can be seen here.

So does this mean all roads lead to MOA on March 7?

Friends after the E-Heads Concert at the Fort.

Voting for the Bloggers? Choice Award is now open!

Posted in Events/Announcements, blogging by juned on the September 9th, 2008

The nominees of the 2008 Bloggers’ Choice Awards are already out. Well you can see the announcement at the PBA Blog here. The rules of how to vote are detailed on the said post - reproduced for the readers’ convenience here.

The Original Post

And the nominees are?

But hang on a sec. This year’s voting is quite different from last year’s. In order for us to accurately tally the bloggers who voted, we jazzed up the voting a bit and made it more exciting.

To vote, you MUST be a Filipino blogger, which means, you need to own a blog. You might be blogging on Blogger, Wordpress.Com, Live Journal, Friendster, Multiply, or on a self-hosted blog?it doesn’t matter?the point is, you need to have a blog to vote. Your blog must be established at least three (3) months from today with a minimum of 10 posts.

Why? Well, read on for the instructions on how to vote for your favorite Bloggers’ Choice Award nominee!

  • Choose only ONE (1) blog from the list of official Bloggers’ Choice Award nominees above. On your blog, tell us why you voted for the nominee. Yes, you can vote for your own blog. And no, you cannot vote for a blog that is not on the list of official Bloggers’ Choice Award nominees.
  • Make sure that the links to the websites of the 2008 Philippine Blog Awards sponsors are included in your post. You MUST include the sponsor links to validate your vote.

    Level Up! Games
    Blog Bank
    Smart Communications
    Josiah’s Catering
    Rsun Technology Store
    XFM 92.3
    Buddy Gancencia Reality TV
    Ultravision Photo and Video
    Click Booth
    Aloha Board Sports
    Sheero Media Solutions
    Belo Medical Group
    ROAM Magazine

    Here’s the code if you need it:

  • Submit your post URL and some basic info to the Philippine Blog Awards committee using this form. Make sure that you provide the COMPLETE URL of the post you created for your vote to be valid.

Once you have submitted your vote post URL, wait for the confirmation from one of our committee members. Please be patient, we will manually go through each and every vote post to make sure it’s valid.

So what will you get out of this? Well, aside from the fact that you will make your favorite blogger happy, a valid Bloggers Choice Award vote entitles you one (1) raffle entry.


Prizes? Stay tuned :)